The Importance of Going to Therapy for Mental Health.

Therapists are amazing. Whether it is online therapy or face to face therapy, it is just so important to talk to someone who is professionally trained to listen to your thoughts. Mental health disorder or not, having professional help for life consultation is extremely helpful for the mind and soul.

A lot of people say, “I can tell my mom anything”. Well, no you can’t. Could you muster up the courage to tell your mother about anything seriously disturbing? I don’t really think so. You see, this is why therapists are so important to today’s society where the human brain is now developing at a higher rate than it was 100 years ago.

I see a therapist once a week, and maybe sometimes twice a week. I have been seeing her for close to four years, and she has been a major part of my success towards handling my mental health.

Seeing someone on a weekly basis makes you slow down and recollect your thoughts that you cannot share with others. A lot of people live monotonous lives and need that release from a platform where you can just be yourself. I highly recommend seeing a therapist on a set day of the week and then occasionally seeing that person on another day during that week. This is due to the fact that you are a different person on a Saturday afternoon than you are on an early Monday morning. This way, your therapists can see different sides of you.

I have seen my therapist hungover, on no sleep, drunk, after I smoked some green beans, and basically under any sort of mindset. You name it. I have done this so that she can learn every single little facet of my brain activity. But, this was all by coincidence but the outcome was very productive, as she knows me under all states of mind.

Since I have major trust issues with women, I got a therapist who is a woman. This has really helped me develop trust for the opposite sex in the last four years. She has tracked my cycles, mood swings, and has helped me talk through solving all of my problems. If you are a woman who has trust issues with men, then get a therapist who is a man. That is my two cents on that subject matter. So, take from that and apply it to what your situation is in order to find the right therapist.

There is a misconceived notion that therapists give input and advice due to pop culture’s portrayal of therapists. In Silver Linings Playbook, the therapist is constantly giving Patrick advice. The reality of therapy is that you are being observed versus being advised. When I am in therapy, I talk for about 90% of the time. Five percent of her time is devoted towards interacting with me, two percent is for connecting, and the other two percent is asking questions, and the last percent is about getting feedback and advice. Whereas, the flip side of the coin is that 90% of the time she listens.

My therapist lets me talk the entire time. I always hit a point where I say, “Are there any questions, concerns, thoughts, and advice that you want to bring up”. That is one percent of my therapy sessions. This is the reality of therapy.

I am blessed to be able to afford a therapist. But, there are other options like online therapy. An amazing resource to have your questions answered about therapy and how to begin is an online platform for people to find aid is called

Click this link right here for more information:

Personally, I have many friends who have had great experiences with online therapy. It is easier on your wallet and you can schedule your sessions more conveniently than most other therapists that you see in person.

Most importantly, it is crucial that you are able to trust your therapist. People give up on therapy very easily because we have this idea that they are supposed to fix us. Remember, the only person who can do that is you. These are trained professionals who are there for guidance and support.

Therefore, when you are starting out with your therapist, make sure to give them a chance for a month or two. It is imperative to be patient and to have a good attitude and open mind. If they aren’t working out for you, shop around for another one and start the process all over again. Remember, this is your mental health or personal life issues that you are trying to solve.

Therapy is an investment towards an overall better life, to understand yourself, other people, how the world works, and to create major coping and problem-solving skills to make life a better experience.

Life is a process, and if no one is listening to you then it makes the process very difficult. This is why we should talk to someone who makes everything focused on issues that are about you because we all have a voice that needs to be heard.

You cannot get that from your best friend or your mother.

If you would like to learn more about dealing with mental health, life problems, and finding resources for help, I am willing to help you so feel free to email me at

Be sure to check out my book about my journey with prescription medication for Bipolar Disorder as well on Amazon. Click this link here to purchase.

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-David Zosel 

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How I deal with Spurts of Bipolar Mania.

It is very important to understand yourself when you have a mental health disorder. As I have been working very hard on balancing my moods for Bipolar I disorder, I have discovered how to get back to equilibrium to finding balance in my mood.
This morning I woke up very manic, I can generally tell when this is happening when I am going to the bathroom a lot, which is due to the high manic stress levels, and most importantly how sleep affects it. When I go to bed at 3 am and then wake up at 6 am while being completely wired, I know that the following steps are needed to be done by me in order to have a good day.

This is only effective if you know yourself well enough to foresee your manic cycle that is about to happen. If you follow these steps then you are taking the right procedures to stopping a manic episode from happening. Moreover, if you are not bipolar, everyone experiences manic symptoms so this can really help anyone in general.

First things first, I wake up and drink a big glass of water. Mania tends to make us forget to eat or drink. Eat the smallest breakfast possible so that you have something in your stomach. When you are manic, you want everything done right away so that is why it is hard to eat.

For me, it is peanut butter toast and one cup of coffee. Afterward, take your prescribed medication if you are prescribed anything.

Since your brain is spinning at an insurmountable rat, it is vital that you are able to slow it down. Reading and writing really help me heal, but a very simple thing that you can do is to read the newspaper or the news on the phone. Reading helps your mind slow down and since it keeps you at the moment, the delusions of mania will nullify itself.

Going to the bathroom often is a major thing with bipolar mania. Make sure to eat a lot of fiber and to eat foods with probiotics. Try to take probiotics at 50 billion strands because it helps settle your stomach, boosts your immune system, and severely lowers your manic stress level. Overall, it helps your mood a lot, making you feel better and in more control. If your stomach is controlled, so will your thoughts. If you have a rumbling stomach that is confused on what it is going, it will seriously induce mania. This is why it is so imperative to incorporate probiotics into your diet.

Contain yourself because if you stay within yourself, your mind will start to come down. There are two forms of containment. The first being physical containment, where you do not leave the house, drive your car or have any contact with anyone. Stay in your house and focus yourself or on something that you are passionate about. For me, I remodeled my kitchen and shot a feature-length film once. Then there is emotional containment where you are out in public and are interacting with people. These people should only be trusting people within your circles that understand you. This will bring you comfort and it is important to never talk about yourself. It is important to listen to others and how their day is going because no one cares about your manic self. This makes you stop and focus on one thing, and that is being in the moment with the other person, rather than being delusionally narcissistic about your manic plan to take over the world.

Containment is key. But, tread cautiously because if you overdo it then you can really go berzerk.

Last, put on your headphones and go for a walk while listening to your favorite artist. Sometimes I walk over five miles, and with that, there comes exercise. So, you can kill two birds with one stone. Exercise is vital, therapeutic, and very good for the chemical imbalances that are going on in your brain.

There you go! This is a quick fix in taking care of your subtle hypomanic episode to prevent a bigger manic episode. If you follow these small guidelines then you should be able to take on the world with a clear mind.

This right here is a small sample size of things that I do to combat mania. If you would like to learn more about dealing with Bipolar Disorder, I am willing to help you so feel free to email me at

Be sure to checkout my book about my journey with prescription medication for Bipolar Disorder as well on Amazon. Click this link here to purchase.


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-David Zosel 

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Traveling “Zos Style” Part 2 (Seattle and Portland).

Here I present to you a four-part series where I share with you my journal from my travels. I travel a lot, so I thought I would start seriously blogging about it. Here we go! This is the second installment of this series. If you didn’t read part 1, click here for the link. 

Changing lanes, my homecoming to the west coast was over. It was on to Day Two.


Being in Portland, I walked along the Pearl Neighborhood along this famous strip called Alberta where I was staying. Here is what I saw to sum this up, if you have seen Portlandia, that is an unrealistic depiction of what Portland is. My first real glances of Portland was in a major tourist area. Shops, dives, bars, coffee shops, dispensaries, and food trucks. This is the food truck capital of the world. There are so many food truck areas all over this city, as well as homeless people, strip clubs, and of course, there were plenty of hipsters.

The hipster scene is so very different than the one in Minneapolis. But, that is a whole other set of articles that I can write. In a nutshell, Austin, Minneapolis, Brooklyn, and Portland are the hipster meccas of the US, and all of them are different in distinct ways. In Brooklyn, there are a lot of hardcore hipsters that devote their time to making a living in an alternative lifestyle through their artistic/entrepreneurial medium. There is a major split there between trust fund hipsters and grungy surviving artist hipsters that congregate for a great scene. Minneapolis is much very like this, but on way smaller scale because we are the Minnie Apple. Hipsters in Minneapolis wear nicer designer hipster clothing, glasses, have the nicest Apple computers, cameras, and have cool trust fund kid jobs like sitting in coffee shops doing graphic design and going to shows at night. This is not a generalization because this is just what I see in the world. Although I have not been to Austin yet in my 20’s, I saw that Portland was a gathering of misfit hipsters who possibly failed at being a hipster. The culture in Portland is very alternative, grungy, dirt baggie, and it is awesome. This is quite inspirational because very many people walk the line in society, wanting or needing certain material items. It was awesome to the point of enlightenment because it brought a lot of perspectives that I had never had before. Moreover, the biggest difference between cultures is that Portland had a lot of homeless people, and a lot of them were hipsters who were avoiding many societal norms.


Moving on,

then I walked all the way to the Moda Center and explored that area, which wasn’t anything to write about. Therefore, I will not write about it. Next, I hopped on a train for free, cause I didn’t pay. I had 280 dollars left in cash for my trip. This train took me to Chinatown because I wanted to go to a brewery, but when I saw it was Chinatown, it was in my DNA that I had to explore. As I wandered more in this neighborhood, I ran into Voodoo Doughnuts, on the way to some pho at a place called Pho TNT. The pho, well it was dynamite. Comfort food is the way to go in a different city on your first day. Then I met some 420 festival goers, and a beautiful girl and her dope boyfriend that gave me two extra tickets that they had to this Tipper concert. I had no idea what it was, so I just said yes to this situation.

Keeping an open mind and saying yes to new situations always makes a great adventure.

The show was an amazingly artistic spiritual, uplifting experience. Probably one of the best in my life. But, more on this later.



I got two free front row tickets to see Tipper. Isn’t that amazing?


Then after getting the tickets, I went to Deschutes
Brewery and I talked to an 80-year-old man for about an hour at the bar. When eventually two random girls separately sat at the bar to the left of me. Then once the three of us all engaged conversation with each other, I ditched the old man, and it was like he was never there.

Sorry, but people my age doing travel and work stuff sounds way more fascinating than talking about WWII. Just kidding, he was a cool dude. But yeah, that is what he talked about most of the time. But, I got a lot of good intel about the city of Portland while I spoke with him. That is why it is key to talk with every local that you meet in order to get the lay of the landscape.

So back to the girls.

One of the girls was from Minneapolis, so that ignited the aura for all three of us to become best friends for the next two hours.

Turns out Brianna is a local Minneapolite musician and lives in my neighborhood. She just released a new album, and I got to go to her release party at Ice House after my trip was over. The show was fantastic and you should definitely check out her new album, which is here under this link.


Changing lanes,

the girl from Vancouver that I met was hungry so we scavenged the city for a food truck tent. On the way there I bought a funky shirt.

There could have been 35 food trucks in this parking lot? It was really cool because of the sedative sensory overload that it gave me. They had food from all over the world, yet I couldn’t find any ice cream.

All I wanted was some ice cream.

She later drove me back to my friend’s house. How nice was that and how awesome that her name is Spencer? I know a girl named Spencer, and you probably don’t so be jealous.

When times are tough, I always remind myself that my life is awesome because I have a diverse set of friends and most importantly a friend named Spencer who is an online auctioneer from Vancouver. If you can match that then you are probably cooler than me.


When I got home I told my friend Shepard that I had two free tickets to a show at the famous Arlene Schnitzer Hall. Then we went later that night, and it was one of the most influential artistic and spiritual experiences that I had ever had. Tipper was amazing, and at the craziest part of his show, while everyone was sitting down and chatting, I stood up. Then everyone cheered and others joined me. The whole theatre stood up. It is crazy what a small inkling like that can do. A small chain reaction happened and I got to control a few thousand people for two minutes by getting them to stand up during an amazing show.

Later that night Shepard and I got on a bus and went for a ride. It was beautiful, we got to see the whole city on a bus by ourselves. The best part was that this bus took us directly to Shepard’s house.

In your travels, it is better to remember the positive experiences rather than the dwelling on the hassles. For instance, I lost my charging cord twice during my trip. It was very frustrating and untimely but, I still had to move on. If I would have dwelled on this, which is something that I am known for, then my trip would have been a bad experience. Charging cords are not cheap.

Moreover, when everyone stood up with me during the show, it always makes me forget that I spent 60 extra dollars on charging cords. Now, who cares! I now have extra cords, and positive thinking trumps everything.


Getting back on track, Shepard and I embarked on a nightly journey riding the bus back from Arlene Schnitzer Hall all the way back to the Alberta strip. The ride was a straight shot, and most importantly it was a beautiful 45-minute tour of the city. The bus driver was amazing, giving us intel about the sites and scenes of the city. He let us ride the bus for free because we were good company and seemed like lost puppies to the city. After we got off, he gave us two free bus passes for the next day.

Isn’t an adventure amazing when you mix in meeting great people like that? Having an open mind is a very hard thing to master, but once you do, then the possibilities of life are sort of endless.

Stay tuned for the other two parts of my journal from my trip, for I have a formula for finding adventure, that you all should really learn about.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Begin to Bounce Back from Your Breakup in 14 days.

After a separation, things change. Either for the better or for the worst, the transition period is still very difficult. Being away from your ex and on your own is a very emotional experience, regardless of what the stipulations of the break up are. Everyone is different, but for some, it is hard to get over someone, and for others the transition period is difficult. Last, we all want to come out of these times becoming a better version of ourselves, or at least we should have that mentality. This separation time and anxiety can last one hour to one month, maybe a year. I want to write more about relationships, as I have been heartsick my entire life. Here are some effective methods that I have discovered that can shorten that transition period that will set you up for a triumphant success, further becoming your best self.

1. Re-connect with old friends.
While in relationships, we tend to be more stuck on each other and in a lot of cases we forget to stay in touch with our closest friends. This is a major exception for “ghosting”. Moreover, make more time for friends, and rebuild a positive community of people around your life.

2. Exercise.
Running, lifting, physical activities, and competition releases powerful endorphins in your brain that relieve stress, anger, anxiety, and is good for your overall mental health. When separated from your ex, make it a goal to go to the gym 12 times a month.

3. Do different things.
Monotony is a bad habit that we can fall into, especially during a longterm relationship. We either stay in this routine or forget to do so because we are very depressed. Staying in a monotonous routine can easily reignite sensory signatures in your brain that reminds you of your ex-partner. Create a strategy and start a new lifestyle that will excite you. Here is one of my previous articles that expands more on this topic. 

4. Go on an adventure.
This is one of my favorite ones to do after a breakup because the sky is the limit on this. You can find something fun to do at home or abroad. Vacation is vital in our lives. It gives us something to look forward to and is also perception changing because of all of the adventure that it ensues.

5. Change your routine geared towards chores and errands.
Seriously, if you aren’t doing the dishes and taking out the trash, or incorporating more productive things into your daily routine then there is no way you can have the satisfaction of those small victories.

6. Go and hit on someone as a confidence boost.
When you are ready and the time is right based on your own judgment, go and put yourself out there again so that you can take those tiny baby steps of moving on. Who cares if you fall on your face. As for me, I always do this with someone out of my league because it helps me get over a lot of fear in my life.

7. Treat yourself (one time only pass).
This method can be abused so play this card wisely. Give yourself a one time pass, and purchase something that you have always wanted that you know will make you happier. Limit yourself to a budget and to one thing. Usually, I purchase a pair of Air Jordan’s because wearing them makes me feel like an absolute baller.

8. Dress better.
That is right, you’re new on the market. So, it only makes sense to impress by the way you dress.

9. Start a passion project (I write).
Since there is a void in your life, you need to fill it fast. That is why it is so effective to substitute that with something that you will always love and be there for you. No, not pizza. For instance, nothing can stop me from writing. This is a period where I am the most productive and I write close to 5,000 words a day. After my biggest breakup, I wrote 31 blog posts about movies in one month.

10. Do not try to have sex with someone right away.
Use this time to work on yourself. We all need to heal. Once you are ready, it will be right. If you go and do this right away, there is really nothing good that will come out of it. It only will make you feel worse and unveil your greatest insecurities.

These ten things that I have discovered, need to be accomplished in the first 14 days of being single. If you do not act on this, then your suffering of the heartbreak will be worse. After you do this method during the first two week period, you will feel a lot better and it may cure you right away of that broken heart. Overall this will set you up for success in becoming the best you.

Resilience, that is the key.

If you are having troubles with your marriage, partner, or with your relationship and want to find a fix, visit for the best relationship counseling. 


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Traveling “Zos Style” Part 1 (Seattle and Portland).

Here I present to you a four-part series where I share with you my journal from my travels. I travel a lot, so I thought I would start seriously blogging about it. Here we go!

The Wednesday before my expedition to Seattle, I ran a few last minute errands before I would embark on my journey. You see, not too many people that I know to travel the way I do. I am not stating that the way I travel is better, or that I am the only one who does this, but since I have traveled a lot on my own I have learned what kind of experiences that I want to have when I am abroad in a different city. As I took out 300 dollars in cash from the ATM, I felt a slight buzz in my stomach. But, the butterflies started to flutter even more as I removed all of my debit and credit cards from my wallet as I was packing.

Screen shot 2018-04-28 at 3.35.45 PM.png

Pikes Place Market

Then I discovered that I was really nervous for my trip to Seattle. Despite always giving these constraints to myself, I do this for the cheap thrills that I can get. Going into a city with the mentality of being in survival mode really gets me going. I am a seasoned veteran of this grungy traveler philosophy and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but it is sure risky. This time was different because I had given myself many more constraints which lead to my nervous level to go up.

I had no place to stay, and I didn’t really know anyone in Seattle. I just had a flight and a destination. This is how I always roll. But, this was strange because I had never been nervous for an adventure before.

In order to do this, you have to create strategies, throw yourself out of your comfort zone, and stick to your routines. Pack 3 outfits, one to wear at the airport and two in your backpack. Granola bars, two tangerines, water bottle, and a vacation banh mi. Vietnamese sandwiches are clutch because you can squish them in your bag, and you can save it for emergencies for as long as possible, making it a great meal for survival purposes. I had my food, cash, and my paper and pen. It was time to get ready to embark on a great adventure; Zos style.

At 4 am I called a Lyft and I grabbed my small bag and headed out the door to the airport.

When I got off the plane, I looked at a map of Seattle. Yes, an actual paper map. This way, it makes it a real adventure, circling landmarks and attractions for destinations. This way by using a paper map, you can save a lot of battery power on your cell phone. Maps are also great for intel as they have small excerpts on where to go and what to do. It said that Pikes Place Market was the cat’s meow, so I hopped on a train that took me straight there. With 300 dollars only in cash, never I mean never pay for public transportation, this is me in manic thrill seeking mode. I have been caught before by transit security but this is when you play the dumb tourist and say, “Oh I didn’t know. I thought you paid after you got off the train. Sorry, I’m a dumb tourist”. The beauty of not paying is that I saw basically the entire city all for free.

Screen shot 2018-04-28 at 3.37.39 PM.png

SafeCo Field, Home of the Mariners. 

When I saw Pikes market, it was nothing like I expected.

Not only was there fish, there was everything under the sun. People were throwing fish, selling necklaces, tomatoes, and anything you could imagine, even marijuana in some parts of the market. The market even had a few parks and ocean front views that were nearby. This was at eight in the morning as well, so my adventurous shenanigans all were about to begin.

As I was enjoying the oceanfront and mountains from a famous vantage point, I received a phone call from someone. It was my friend Shepard’s, Dad. I had never met him before. He said he was coming to get me and take me to him and that I was going to Portland, Oregon. The city of “Alternative Lifestyles”.

Well, this was a real turn of events.

During this time I became very confused, and within a half an hour I had called him back and forth about 12 times, trying to decide what my plan was to either get in a car with an old man that I’ve never met before or stayed in Seattle where I had to pay for hospitality. It was 8:30 in the morning and I had started my trip with a major panic attack that I had to absolve. The only thing that I wanted to do that day was to see the Mariners play so that I could check out Safeco field. I like to check out new ballpark in every city and Safeco was on the top of my list. After many phone calls, I had decided to take a chance to get in a car with a stranger that I’d never met who was my friends Father at 2 pm after the baseball game that started at noon.
Also by coincidence, a girl that I knew in Portland also called me to pick me up from Seattle to take me to Portland. I didn’t know any of these people very well, but I decide to go to Portland with a good attitude that I packed in my small bag. Either way, with whom I chose to take me to Portland, I was ready to go to a city that was on my bucket list.

The drive down Five was beautiful. I got to see the woods, mountains, and rivers. The best part was witnessing the small little lumber towns because I got to see what the infrastructure of these towns was like.

When I got to Portland, I quickly learned that this place was quite the alternative life.

Hipsters, local businesses, and strip clubs. That is what a lumber town brings. Quickly, I learned that this is how and what a town needs to be established. Jobs. Gold mining, oil drilling, wheat, but this was the land of lumberjacks.

Screen shot 2018-04-28 at 3.38.14 PM.png

Arriving in Portland 

In only 2 days, I was able to walk the entire city with my battle backpack and only so little cash on hand. Oh, I do stuff like this all of the time to see how well I can survive in a foreign land because it teaches you perspective on living life. There aren’t really many times to test your street smarts, and that is why I like traveling like this. It is therapeutically exhilarating walking a city from one end to the other, turning around in corners, scavenging the bridges, walking along the river, into random businesses, and talking to random strangers. I gain so much intel about a city whenever I travel by talking to locals. If you want adventure, I got it.

But, this isn’t my full story.

Stay tuned for the other three parts of my journal from my trip, for I have a formula for finding adventure, that you all should really learn about.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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The Third Excerpt from My Mental Health Memoir: “Gray Poopon”.

Here is a small excerpt from my first book, “Gray Poopon”, which is the first volume of my series, “Conquering the Gifted Curse of Bipolarism”. This is a real-time memoir of the changes that I go through with prescription medication to aid my Bipolar 1 Disorder. This is a documentation of slowly discovering powerful interior and exterior changes while taking medication. This is extremely personal information where I provide brutal honesty regarding my fears, current life adversity, self-betterment, and the quest to finding balance.

This stuff is so real. I am furthering into adulthood, struggling with my bipolar disorder, trying to launch my career as an international man of prowess. The only thing I can control is my own health right now.

I could be making zero dollars and if I was mentally healthy, I’d be forever grateful. But, my mental health isn’t quite there yet and I’m tired of being a hurdle that I keep trying to jump over.

But, I am getting closer and closer.

Back when I was younger I was a pretty damn good hockey player. I was always the best on my team until I got to high school. I played hockey frustrated for four years in high school. There was a lot that went into this but to make things short, my best friend Remy Williams reminded me that you can’t play hockey well when you are holding the stick too tight because you are frustrated and that anyone in the world should know about this that it should be me. I played hockey with a chip on my shoulder and was absolutely pissed off at the world for four years. If you are frustrated, being angry isn’t going to help you do things well or make your life better. You need to clear your head and keep moving forward.

Everything is a process.

Basically, I am dealing with frustration for the first time that I feel centered with my life and I am not sure how to handle it.

Do you want more truth? I am a loser, a loveable one at that. The only way I have to go is up from here. There are no limits if you are at rock bottom. This is because I am a first round draft pick who was a bust. I got to go to the best schools, meeting great people, and I messed it all up due to my mental conditions. This is not an excuse anymore. I am moving forward and becoming better.

I’m not going to sell myself short because I have ambition and high hopes for myself with the type of drive that one needs to obtain their dreams. Without those things, I’d have no hope.

Making my parents proud is important to me. I want to be the best son that there is. I feel like I am nowhere near that because I have this expectation of myself and they have their own expectations of me. I am not even proud of myself so how can I make them proud?

My whole progression of life has always been two-step forwards one step back. Forget it, I believe in myself. I am not a loser at all. I have the ability to believe in myself and that is a very powerful notion. The upside is that I at least get to go one step forward. I can be thankful for that.

The good news is that in the last week at work, whenever my parents have usually stressed me out, I didn’t freak out or snap at them.

It was like my “X” factor has slowly diminished. I hope it continues to do so.

Right now, I have to relearn how to deal with every new emotion under the sun with this newly found centered state of mind. It is hard work. I feel like a baby learning how to walk for the first time. I do not know if any psychiatrist can relate to this at all.

But, treading water like this has never felt so great. I should be happy that I am going through this phase at age 24 versus 42. For people that may be going through something similar to me in any regard at an older age, be gracious that you have discovered something about yourself and you now know what you have to do to improve the quality of your life.

Want to read more?

If you would like to purchase a copy of my book on Amazon, here is the link to get your paperback copy.

Also, if you prefer the Kindle version, here is the link to purchase your ebook. 





“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Five Ways to Make a Living from Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a lot of smoke and mirrors but, what if I tell you how I make money off of the cryptocurrency. This method is quite surprising because it works quite effectively. But, here are five ways that you can be a real hustler in the cryptocurrency game where you can quit your day job and trade Bitcoin all day.


Stop reading if you do not believe me, but this is how I do it. So, take it or leave it.

1. You need to have CNN on all day. What most people don’t know is that CNN’s news coverage determines the rise and fall of your bitcoin stock. There are many things that determine if you should sell or buy. A notable one is when CNN broadcasts to discuss prices in prescription medication or anything related to a major economic health-related issue. You need to sell your bitcoin stock before the end of the day, seriously. Observing this can save you hundreds of dollars and make you thousands if you execute this correctly.

There are amongst many more, but be careful as they are very difficult to execute.

2. The next thing you need to do when you are trading Bitcoin is that you absolutely need to join forums within the cryptocurrency community. It is important to know what everyone else is doing in order to get the biggest edge. If I were you, I would connect three screens to your desktop in order to stay connected with all of the active forums all day, seriously. The most effective way to get major insider trading is to learn Japanese and to get in with one of their forums.

I learned basic Japanese, and it has really paid off.

3. When you learn Japanese, you need to go to Japan between one to three times a year. There are three very important underground cryptocurrency conferences that cover the greatest secrets of investing into Bitcoin. The people who attend these meetings, and run the seminars are usually pretty big time millionaires.

Oh, and by the way everyone is Japanese. Get ready to be the foreigner as you will be one of very few. This is a super secretive meeting that everyone is invited too but no one knows about it.

Please make a donation below, then email me for the specific details.

4. Always purchase more Bitcoin at the beginning of every month. Bills across the western world are being paid and when you pay bills, you are investing in yourself. You pay rent to live, electricity for light, and your cell phone bill for communication. Those are all investments. The point of this is to build a consistent purchasing cycle. Habitual purchasing by the table minimum will lead to more success up to 75% of the time.

Cryptocurrencies should not be treated as a weather forecasting investment platform. We know very little about it, and this is why if you are serious about making a living off of bitcoin investments, this means that you need to invest frequently.

5. Build a team of three to five people that you are investing with. Say each of you invests 5,000 dollars into bitcoin, then what you do is you need to invest in different options. Trading in teams helps discover success. You can split the money any way you want it. It is imperative to always team up in teams of odd numbers. If you have even people then there is less of a chance for making money. This is because one person invests more than the other two. In the case of a team of five, then there are two people that invest more money in the group. Then if those two people who invest a slight more then the other, three will jump on that bandwagon, which will also boost value in that bitcoin stock.

This takes major trust, communication, and patience. Yes, this will take time, but once you strike gold your return on investment will pay off.

All of these are very brief descriptions. I have traded bitcoin for three years, and it is a very risky thing to do with your money. I created these theories because there is little that we know about this market. Bitcoin is a major mystery, where we do not even know the creator of it, or where it even comes from. But, these are five things that you can control.

I have a lot of more detailed instructions on how to go about doing these five strategies effectively so you can make money. So, feel free to contact me and I will give you one on one consulting classes that will lead you to success. But, that is if only if you believe me or not.

Wink, wink, wink.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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