ESPN’s “Be Water” is the Movie We Need Right Now.

There comes a time where we need an Asian hero. It doesn’t come often, but when it does, the world has never been ready. As a historical revolution enthralls our country, fighting for civil rights, social justice, and equality, ESPN’s “Be Water” is the perfect timely social commentary to remind us to be like water. When I analyze the film, it wasn’t about Bruce Lee. It was what he stood for, and the world that he came close to creating. The world he wanted is the one we are fighting to create right at this very moment.

Bruce Lee and Kareem Abdul Jabbar

There were no Asian quarterbacks, movie stars, rappers, singers, and politicians that I had growing up for me to idolize.

Bruce Lee was the one true Asian American idol that I had growing up. His philosophies have influenced me to this very day. The self-discipline he portrays has always been something that I’ve wanted to emulate, and it has been an endless journey to achieve.

When the credits of the film began to roll, there were many takeaways that I had, many lessons I’d learn, and different things that I wanted to say. There was too much, and my thoughts became disorganized.

After two weeks of contemplating, I’ve concluded that it is quite simple: be water.

It was in front of me the whole time.

Bruce said that he didn’t believe in styles because it categorizes topics like race, politics, gender, ETC. Water has no style. Water is water; made of hydrogen and oxygen. Water can crash or flow. We are all human, not black, white, or yellow. We all bleed the same color, have 206 bones, and have one beating heart.

If we understand what it means to be more like water, we can accept each other in this scary world to find common ground. As humans, being water can help us create the world that we want because water moves together with a rhythmic flow. It can also crash, and we do not want to crash as a human race.

We’ve never done flowed like a river in the history of humanity. Now we are finally starting to do so by creating a world similar to what Bruce envisioned.

I’m proud that I had no choice.

Bruce was the only Asian American icon for me to idolize, and it was the best one I could have asked for. And with all the things I believed from him in my heart when I was young, his philosophies influenced me to want a better world, and now we are making the right one to live in.

Bruce Lee was ahead of his time, and now we are ready for him to show us to be like water.

I recommend you watching the film to learn more. I didn’t want to go into many details, because I was hoping you could watch it for yourself.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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