If I Was a Stock Photo.

The WWE is like a soap opera for boys between the ages of 8-15. As a kid, I idolized Ray Mysterio because he was a Luchador wrestler, and his tagline was “619”, representing where he was from in San Diego. He resonated with me because he is unique like me. He stood out in a league of wrestling giants with a style true to his own and was successful. This has inspired me to be the same way.

I can only imagine that this is precisely what Ray Mysterio’s life is like when he is not wrestling at his home in San Diego.

I am this stock photo because I am a high-flying, backflipping, quick as a cat Luchador wrestler. Well, in my mind at least. If Ray Mysterio can make it in the WWE and be successful against the titans of the sport, well then I truly believe with my Luchador ways that I can be successful at anything I put my mind to.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be wearing a Luchador mask at a pool, sipping on Mai tais? The mask would protect your face from the sun. Now, that is genius.




“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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