Hello everyone, I am David Zosel, the self-proclaimed “Cat” of cinema and I hail from the lake city of Minneapolis. Three years ago, I started a blog called TheCatofCinema.com, creating a positive experience for all things that involves movies. There was nothing that I love more than watching movies but, it is time for a change. My renaissance is over and it is time for me to grow as a writer. It is time for me to write about deeper issues on my opinions about politics, sports, business, art, and the variety of opinions that I have. Personally, I know way too much to keep all of these thoughts for myself. I love to write because it is the one medium that keeps me in the moment. It is time for me to write it all, especially being honest with you all, saying how I really feel.

I want to bring you a quality written blog, to open your eyes to new ideas by giving you a positive platform to be intrigued by life in itself about topics that catch my eye. I want to write for your publication and to collaborate with other writers across this beautiful planet. If you want to write for my website then I invite you to join me in my journey. Comments on my blog are very helpful and I welcome all thoughts from my readers.

Remember, writers are individuals who have a whole world stuck inside of their imaginations. I want to share my world with you. People say nothing lasts but, the words of a writer last forever.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel