Adulthood Journal – To Everyone, it’s okay. September 11th.

To all the people who beat themselves up or who feel lost, it’s okay.

You are entitled to feel the way you do. It’s okay.

Hey, Buddy. I know you’re feeling bad, but that’s okay because that’s the way you feel.

Just remind yourself that it’s okay to feel the way you do because that’s the way you feel.

Mental health disorders are not a challenge for an individual. It is an opportunity.

Tell yourself it is an opportunity to test your resiliency, strategic thinking, patience, and self-discipline.

It’s not your fault or anyone else’s fault that you have an anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, or any orders that come with dis.

Don’t be hard on others if they weren’t there for you. Some people don’t know what to do or aren’t strong enough to be there. It’s okay.

Be optimistic about your mental health situation. It is an opportunity to make lifestyle choices and to write your own life story.

That’s okay you feel that way because that is how you feel.

For one to rise with the opportunity towards those cards that are handed to you, it is up to the individual, you, to take those first steps and play those shitty cards to the best of your abilities.

Rise to the opportunity. Accept the opportunity.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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