How I’m Going to Be a Better Leader

WOW. It’s been exactly one year since I posted on my blog despite constantly writing. I’ve done some recollections on how I can improve in life and I wanted to improve my leadership skills. Here are my ambitions for improvement:

1. CONNECT – Putting People First – Build strong relationships by listening, connecting with, and recognizing co-workers for doing 5-star work.

2. FAIR AND SQUARE – Treat people fairly and support them because the people around you are your teammates. Drop everything you’re doing to help someone, and you will receive that energy back.

3. WHAT & WHY – Ask yourself what the solution to the problem is and why. Make suggestions. Tell people what you like about what they are doing and how they could improve it versus putting them down and telling them how they can improve. You will manifest intelligence to those surrounding you that way.

4. THE SKY’S THE LIMIT – Properly train people through thorough detailed explanation – communicating on a meticulous level is key; then promote a 5-star people mindset to position others to feel empowered with greater responsibility – Be First Class.

6.  JUMP ON IT – When you see a problem, try your best to fix it immediately, then move on. Don’t point fingers, be quick to react, dwell on the past, or hold grudges. Move on, learn from it, and get better. If it happens again, keep supporting each other positively every time, and things will improve. This is how a championship team wins. Pick up your teammates.

7.  MAKE IT BETTER – Collaborate with others positively and optimistically. Don’t count out all the possibilities. Be a good listener and treat people with the benefit of the doubt that their knowledge is priceless in their area of expertise. If they aren’t in your area of practice and have ideas, take their thoughts as if they are the expert. Encourage others to participate.

8.  DATA DRIVEN – Rely upon data to educate and motivate people and to make intelligent business decisions. Numbers are behaviors, and behavior is energy, and energy tells a story. The more we understand the story of data and pay attention to it, the more successful we can be because we will make smarter decisions.  

9. IT’S GO TIME – Be organized, focused, disciplined, hustle, and work hard. Win the day.

10. BE REMARKABLE – Deliver 5 Star work by consistently being calm, courteous, sincere, honest, and reliable every day, not only for yourself but for others.

11.  LOOK GOOD; PLAY GOOD – Take pride in your professional appearance, behavior, language, and work product. If wearing a blazer is your thing, or if it is wearing a nice sweatshirt, if it makes you feel good, then use that as the power to perform your best. It’s like how Michael Jordan was better as number 23 than 45.

12. WE, NOT ME – We put the team’s interests before anything else. The success of others is your success and vice versa. Everyone is equal, and no one is better than anyone else on a team because you are all linked together. The strongest link in the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

I think all of those 12 things reflect the leadership of David Hasselhoff in Baywatch. Maybe I should be more like Mitch. What do you think?

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