What I did on February 7th, 1999.

I knew I had to do something to impress her. No, not my teacher, but LG, my first crush. Considering that every boy had a crush on her, I needed a way to stand out from the other 13 boys in the class. I wasn’t the best in sports, the cutest, the smartest, the most charming, or funniest at the time. So, I choose the bad boy route. It was my only option.

What can a 7-year-old do to portray a bad boy image to impress a girl? No, I wasn’t going to put glue in her hair, or start a snowball fight by throwing it at her. I had a better idea.

Every day our class walked to the lunch room to get milk for milk break. On the way back, we passed the library, and there was a quick right turn that we had to make to get back to class.

I strategically remembered that I placed myself in the middle of the class line, making sure LG was behind me.

As we walked past the library and the front half of the class line made that right turn, I stopped the back half.

“You guys let’s go to the library,” I whispered.

Naturally, they followed me to the library because I lied to them and said that the teacher said it would be okay if I took them there.

However, I had a trick up my sleeve. We weren’t going to the library, because the door entering the playground was right next to the library. So, I took Lauren G to the swingsets instead.

The whole kicker of this story is that there were probably two other boys and eight girls that I lead on this excursion. This made a great ratio of boys to girl for our seven-year-old playground party.

You would think our teacher found us in less than 30 seconds, but no. We all screamed and played on that playground as if we escaped from Shawshank Prison for ten whole minutes.

I’d like to tell you that LG fell in love with me and we lived happily ever after but, I was the reason why all of those kids got grounded by their parents. Her parents told her to stay away from me because I was a trouble maker.

Now when I look back at it, I should have got her chocolates or flowers or something. But, I was like six so this was the best I could do.



“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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What You Need to be a Writer. Curious, Creative, and Courage.


Did curiosity kill the cat? No, it enabled the cat to go places where you never thought it could go. With curiosity, new doors open, leading to us try new things. This is why we must keep moving forward after every bit of adversity we face in life. This mindset has led me down different routes such as film production, entrepreneurial ventures, and much more. But, there has always been one constant in my pursuit of curiosity: writing. Putting pen to paper keeps me curious, and now it has led me to my next frontier which is to be a great copywriter. Legendary explorers would have never found different continents without being curious about what was out there at the time if they were never curious. Then they came back home and advertised their discoveries, striking people’s interests in the new world. This is how I approach things with my curiosity. Without it, there would be no growth in the world. We’d still be living in caves, huddled over a fire, and drawing on walls. I want to grow as a writer, and become legendary like those historical explorers. The only way I can do that is to develop my curiosity.



Anyone can be technical, or creative. But, not many can be both. I believe if you can be technical, and creative then you can be unstoppable. If you’re technical, you need to follow the guidelines. If you’re creative you can go above and beyond anything by drawing outside the lines of a coloring book. Once put together, you can go places that were not ever imaginable; like when the US went to the moon. Building rocket ships and space suits start with the creative imagination, and then the technical aspects of it all takes place to put it all together. Creativity and technicality are like a yin and yang, which is the fundamental basis for providing new solutions. The moment when I decided to be a writer, I knew that I had to learn both. I am proud to say that I am one of very few who pursues utilizing both skill sets. Most important, creativity helps you find solutions and technicality enables you to execute. This is advertising, an industry where it requires both in order to find solutions.



Rocky Balboa once said, “It’s not how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” Being a writer takes audacity. We only have 26 letters to illustrate a big picture. We don’t have any colors, pallets or software to create art; just pen and paper. I’ve told myself after my struggles as an adult that I needed to write myself out of the adversity. This is why I don’t believe in writer’s block. The bravery it takes to put something on paper is insurmountable. There is the fear of no one reading your writing, hating it, or someone thinking that you are incompetent. I’m not afraid of any of that. I just write, and I have written in so many mediums that I call myself a kung fu writer.

If you want to know what courage is, then read the books I wrote. Writing about mental health, and becoming an advocate for this issue in today’s society takes courage because you are trying to change a stigma. I took a huge chance when I wrote these books, putting pieces of my soul out in the world. Writing is my lifeline, it’s my happy place. For me to be there I need to be writing, and writing takes courage. It is all I ever think about, and it is the only thing that I want to do.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Vikings acquire Le’veon Bell for a Two Year 30 Million Dollar Contract.

Are you kidding me, Rick Spielman?

You continue to follow our franchise’s history of impulsive decisions. Not only is this impulsive, but it also doesn’t make tactical nor financial sense either. Although Bell is an elite running back in the NFL, he would serve as a significant distraction for our locker room. Bell does not fit the mold of what it means to be a Mike Zimmer Viking. Why? Because Le’Veon Bell is a Mexican restaurant, where you go to order sushi. It doesn’t make any sense.


Kirk Cousins already takes up 15% of our cap space, and not to mention we are already deep at running back. What message does this say to the team? Do we not have faith in Dalvin Cook? He is our guy, and his teammates and the fans stand by him. If Spielman would address our biggest flaw, offensive linemen, Dalvin Cook would easily be a perennial Pro Bowl running back. Le’veon Bell has always had a good line in front of him that suited his running style. Could he do the same for us? Time can only tell. But, if the issues of the offensive line would be fixed, we have a superior back in Dalvin Cook for less than one-third of the price. Again, this is a financial disaster regarding cap space.

Moreover, there is only one type of people that will stick their neck out for you in this world. That is called family. Dalvin Cook is family. Le’veon Bell wants something from us, and that is money. He doesn’t care about winning Super Bowls, he only cares about his payday. The only thing positive side of this move is it prevented the Detroit Lions from signing Bell. This move was impulsive and only made to prevent another Khalil Mack ripple effect for another divisional foe.

Way to go Rick… continue to add mercenaries to our locker room who will be sipping Mai Thai’s counting their cash on a Miami Beach during the offseason, rather than developing a true Viking culture.

If you happened to click on this article and read the whole thing, I just wanted to let you all know that this isn’t real at all. I wrote this article because I used this as a submission for a writing gig. I thought it was fun enough for me to post it on my blog. I hope you enjoyed my die-hard Vikings fandom.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Image result for allstate mayhem

When I think hard about a campaign, Allstate’s ads about mayhem resonate with me because of its ability to execute a universal truth. It keeps it simple, and simplicity is excellence because it is the ultimate sophistication. Moreover, this is the campaign where I had my epiphany when it came to copywriting.

unnamed-2.pngThere can never be too many ideas for executions. But, sometimes it’s hard for me to find the best one on the wall again. HELP!

In my opinion, creating a great ad starts with finding truths and insights about what the brand is selling. Allstate is selling insurance policies, one of the most boring things in the entire world. So, how do you make that interesting and compelling? They were able to find a truth, which that “Mayhem is everywhere.” They are not selling insurance plans, but they are selling the notion of comfort, protection, and assurance against bad things that can happen at any time.

unnamed-1.pngThere is no such thing as writer’s block if you write with candles and coffee. Put me in a boat in the Pacific Ocean and I’ll still be writing.

They took this truth and used it as their concept. Allstate executed it by personifying mayhem and made it compelling by using relatable scenarios of unfortunate situations that could happen to people at any moment. For example, my upstairs neighbor playing piano could fall through my ceiling while I am writing about this ad campaign. Good thing that I am covered because mayhem is everywhere.

Moreover, Allstate has used this concept to spawn off many ideas across all forms of advertising. It is effective in print, radio, TV, digital, and ETC.


I had to take down artwork off my walls to work on ad concepts for school. Hopefully, I’ll have the honor of decorating the walls at a top ten agency… minus the cool lights.

Outside of TV, it is still interesting, compelling, engaging, and funny. As commercial as this campaign is to the public, this initially made me understand some of the fundamental basis’ of how effective ads are created. Luke Sullivan stresses in his book, Hey Whipple…, to find or tell the truth and to keep things simple. Neil French also said if it’s a car ad, make it look like an ad for whiskey. This is an insurance ad, but it doesn’t look like one.

This is exactly what Allstate is doing.

The goal is to be a great copywriter. I mean a great one. The dream is to write a kick-ass Super Bowl ad one day.

This is me as a writer.

David Zosel


Skolz(os): Vikes Win vs Jets. MPLS Miracle Rematch.

Winning feels great, doesn’t it? Especially when you are on a three-game tear. But, what feels better than three in a row?

Four in a row.

Image result for vikings versus saints

Everything was going against the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday versus the New York Jets. We struggled with being on the road, the wind, and injuries. Oh, and yes, we struggled with field goal kicking once again. But, the Vikings battled through adversity and won a game that they should have won. It was a business trip and they closed the deal. We as fans should be proud of our men.

Moreover, the Vikings still need to play better, as we have not hit our fullest potential on both sides of the ball yet.

On to primetime against the New Orleans Saints.

There has been a quiet rivalry brewing in the NFL, going unnoticed since the classic 2009 NFC Championship game. In the upcoming matchup, the Saints will be looking for revenge, and the Vikings are looking to prove last year’s playoff win was not a fluke.

Revenge is more fearful than trying to prove oneself.

The Vikings have many variables going against them such as injuries, a mediocre offensive line, and backups having to step up on defense. The New Orleans Saints are an offensive juggernaut and can be scary on defense. But, the Vikes have two variables that can aid them to victory. Yes, his name is Kirk Cousins. This is his next big chance to show us that he can win the big game for the Vikings. The next variable is home field advantage. The Saints cannot come in and push The Purple around at home. Look for the fans to make a big difference on Sunday.

The Narrative.

Image result for vikings versus saints

We can talk about our defense and what they can overcome by playing lights out, but the probability of that happening is 35/65. This game will be all about offense. If Latavius Murray runs for a minimum of 100 yards, we have a high probability of winning. Luckily, he is on a roll. Since his running game is based on momentum, look for a big primetime game from him.

Thielen is hot, and Stefon Diggs has historically had bigtime games on Sunday Night Football. It is just a matter of putting the ball in their hands. So, show us the money, Kirk! This is what the front office is paying him for, and historically he has been mediocre on primetime games. But, that was with a mediocre Washington team. Hopefully, it will be a different story with the Minnesota Vikings.

So, what is the narrative in which the NFL wants for Sunday’s showdown?

The New Orleans Saints look for revenge as the Vikings try to prove that their win last year in the playoffs wasn’t a miracle. There is a new sheriff in town named Kirk Cousins, ready to gun sling, shot for shot with an outlaw named Drew Brees. Will the Vikings prevent an old western train robbery?

The NFL wants a shootout, and that is what it will be. There will be many flags thrown on both defensive teams, and the game will be determined by special teams and how well their quarterback plays.

Lastly, this will be Adam Thielen’s breakout game on national TV, but do not count out Stefon Diggs to have 100 yards either.


Vikes 42 – Saints 35

Boom. Boom. SKOL.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Skolz(os): Vikes Win against Arizona, Thoughts on the Battle in the Big Apple vs. the NY Jets.

Dalvin Cook last year, and now Mike Hughes this year. It’s as if the Minnesota Vikings cannot have nice things such as young affordable star draft picks, or nice shiny toys in general unless we go out and pay 87 million dollars for them. How many more first-round draft picks need to continue to be injury ridden like this?

Image result for mike hughes injury

Let’s wish Hughes a healthy recovery and monster return.

Teddy Bridgewater could have been starting against us in this up and coming game against the Big Apple Jets. If the New York Giants would have selected Sam Darnold, then the complexion of this matchup would have been epic. But, I like the field general that we have right now, Kirk Cousins. But first, here are my quick thoughts on the win against the Arizona Cardinals.

Josh Rosen will be a star in this league. If he had any offensive weapons and a the slightest of a better offensive line, this game would have been a different story. Rosen is going to be the best quarterback out of all of the QB prospects in this past year’s draft. He just so happened to go to the team with the least amount of talent. Once the Cardinals build around him, Arizona will be back in business.

Here is a quick question. Why won’t Larry Fitzgerald come to Minnesota and finish his career here? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Please be a Viking.

Getting back on track here.

This game could have been played against Sam Bradford. What another grand NFL narrative that could have taken place. “The Minnesota Vikings will be facing two of their former starting quarterbacks in back to back weeks,” says Colin Cowherd. He never said that because due to the chain of events that have happened it did not lead to this, but try to imagine every NFL analyst saying this to hype up a historic two weeks in NFL history.

There have been several quarterbacks who have switched teams and have gone playing indoors to outdoors. But, not so many have done the opposite.
Cousins has shown us that he doesn’t play as well at US Bank Stadium indoors as he does on the road outside. It would be fascinating to see how many starting quarterbacks who have played predominately outdoors, who have moved to another team playing indoors have done statistically. The only one that comes to mind was Brett Favre when he played for the Vikings in 2009. Even he took a few games to adjust, and I am hoping for the same with Cousins.

Overall, I am happy about this win. It was an excellent game to take care of business, spark the confidence of the run game, and to see what kind of depth that we have on defense.

The Big Apple versus The Minnie Apple.

Image result for sam darnold interception

Last week was a week to see our depth at safety, and now this week our week will be a test of our depth at cornerback with the ACL tear of Mike Hughes, putting him on IR.

The Vikings need to continue building their confidence in the run game from last week, and most importantly we need to take advantage of Sam Darnold’s tendency to throw interceptions. Look for our defense to force some interceptions, and hopefully a pick six. This will all start with our pass rush, led by Danielle Hunter, forcing bad throws to the outside. If we can take advantage of their week offensive line, it would be great to see a pick six and a forced fumble on the road, which would take a lot of pressure off of the Vikings Offense.

Look for a big game from Kirk Cousins. As mentioned before, he has been great while playing outdoors. He will throw for 300 plus yards, with a third of those going to Adam Thielen. With that, Diggs will havea massive game-breaking play. MetLife Stadium is a field that he is familiar with, being a vast leadership factor that he brings to the table this weekend.

Vikings 31 – Jets 17.

Boom. Boom. SKOL.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Skolz(os): Analysis on The Vikes Win Against Philly. On to Arizona.

Listening to NFL analysts, it’s never about how the Vikings won. It’s always about how the other team lost and what is wrong with them. Well, the Vikings won so here are my thoughts.
First things first, our defense seems to be getting on the right track and our running game is coming along with the right play calling. This was John Defilippo’s best day of play calling for this season. He needs to keep this up, further continuing to improve the run game for the Vikes.
Image result for linval joseph touchdown
Linval Joseph’s touchdown will be the play that turns our season completely around. His defensive effort will uplift the morale of not only our defense but the whole team. This was the big play that our team needed, and it will propel us with the confidence we need to take care of business for the remainder of the year.
But, our victory against the Eagles is in the past and we have to focus on our next game against Arizona. We cannot let them come into our house with a rookie quarterback and push us around. The Vikings need a huge defensive win, only allowing less than 10 points.
What happened against Buffalo cannot happen again this weekend.
We need to run all over this Arizona defense. As I have mentioned previously, if we can rush for 200 yards between Latavius Murray and Dalvin Cook, we will be able to win every game for the remainder of this season.
This Vikings team needs a blowout win in order to soar with confidence for the next phase of the season.
Vikings 35 – Cardinals 7.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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