a ballad for my friends.

And so the world has changed, for better—worse I can’t tell. The dreams I’ve made may change, and everyone’s habits might change as well. 

I am giving up a lot for a little. Friends to save family, family to save friends. It’s not big, it may be little spent— but what I do to help is to quell.

I may be wrong, it’s hard to tell.

The slightest of possibilities give me the greatest anxieties

I can’t live with the old normal. COVID-19 is horrible. 

Symptomatic or Asymptomatic, it’s true. Can’t take those chances. I couldn’t live with myself, knowing that it could be me killing someone I loved because I was careless by seeing you. 

Pain clogs my veins that I must give normal up because I love you all too much. 

These sacrifices I must make could mean I will not see you for a few years. Until then, I’ll drink fewer beers.

I may be extreme, but please know this was never meant to be mean. 

Somewhere out there Shepard drifts in his broken car, Remy Williams sings with his guitar, and Nigel Hemingway fights for social justice. I never wanted the world to be like this. 

Friends are what make the world connected, and there are other ways to face-to-face interaction. But, as I dream, our friendships will never lose traction. 

And so the world has changed, and I must change as well. And the memories we’ve made will now be made but unforeseen.

And most of all, wherever I may be, may my friends remember me. 


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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