Make Time to Waste Time.

When was the last time we could look at the clouds in the sky to debate if we see a pig or space shuttle?

As I look away from the clouds, I recollect walking the streets of Paris with an old friend to the Eiffel Tower after visiting the Louvre. We saw a quaint cafe that looked like nothing we’d ever seen before and ended up staying there for two hours despite our tight itinerary. We laughed and exchanged stories, philosophies, and engaged in very stimulating conversation. Without this subtle glitch in time, I wouldn’t have gotten to honestly know this person that I met a month before this trip. This is where I learned one of the greatest lessons of all when you want to enjoy life: sometimes we need to make time to waste time. Ten minutes later, we were taking pictures by the Eiffel Tower. If we hadn’t lost that time at that cafe, our time at the Eiffel Tower would have been less meaningful.

There was a time in this world where you could get a travel Visa and fly to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. It isn’t the case anymore due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the accessibility to the world will change forever. Everything is different, from travel plans to daily routines. But, the silver lining is that we can learn to make time to waste time because life needs to go on with a new philosophical perspective.

Film director, Richard Linklater, once said that there is nothing more admirable than being lost in your 20s. It’s true. But, now it is even harder to figure things out as a person in their 20s, or at any age. I’ll ask again when we had the time to look at the clouds and debate what we saw? Maybe now, if we waste a little time, something can inspire us instead of worrying about our current situation. When there is a tragedy, birds will always fly out of the fallout shelter, bringing us hope.

During such a lost time, we all need to find hope in some form or another. Hope comes to us, and it isn’t something that we reach to find. It finds us.

Being lost is admirable, and if you embrace it, please remember that something and someone will come to you.

In my case or yours, if you’re like me at all, which you probably aren’t. Wow, I don’t even know if that sentence structure was correct. But, who cares. When you’re knee-deep in writing a blog post, and your fiance asks if you want to take the dog on a walk, then embrace the interruption. It is beautiful how life’s current itinerary can wait because when you’re on that walk with little Cooper and the love of your life, you can find the sun behind those clouds that look like puppies.

You wouldn’t find that inside. We’re not designed to be sad at home, that is why we need to step out and face the sunshine.

I’m not perfect when it comes to this notion, but making time to waste time has been a philosophy that I’ve been trying to practice and revisit from that one day in Paris with an old friend.

All the metaphors aside at this point in history, whatever life’s interruptions are, bring them on. It’s time to start living in the moment and embracing life’s interruptions.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Does Isolation Lead to Creativity?

During this time of extreme lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve discovered that isolation breeds creativity. My realization was that with being out in society for so long, I had picked up observations of how the human race functioned. Then going into isolation, naturally, I had taken that information to transform into a creative generating machine or to improve the prowess that I already had.

Albert Einstein Riding Bicycle, 1933 | Vintage News Daily

As I researched my realization, I found that many great thinkers discovered the same philosophy. Albert Einstein cherished his moments of isolation, as he once shared: “Although I have a regular work schedule, I take time to go for long walks on the beach so that I can listen to what is going on inside my head.” Or, as Tesla once said: “The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind.”

Isolation is a double-edged sword when it comes to creativity. If we want to obtain a unique idea, we must lock ourselves away with inspiration to achieve it. To harness this power, we must remember isolation is part of one stage of the creative process. If used unwisely, isolation can hinder, not help, and can stop creative thinking. But, if used correctly, it can be the most potent component of creativity.

Creativity is about individual expression and what we can come up with on our own, so it makes sense that we should isolate ourselves from the rest of the world if we’re to come up with any worthwhile ideas that can result in possible creative solutions.

Our best ideas stem from existing ideas outside ourselves, shaped by historical, cultural, and social exchanges.

Once in the isolation stage of the creative process, our ideas are best created by taking breaks in brief intervals that will allow us to synthesize what we’ve comprehended. In other words, plant a seed, water it, and walk away. Then, come back and check on it. You cannot just sit in a room and think about how you are going to create something or solve a problem by focusing on what the result will be for nine hours at a time. Creativity comes within intervals in isolation.

Isolation helps us to limit the noise of outside influences long enough to make sense of what we’ve ingested, allowing us to peel the petals of the flower to tune our mental abilities on the pieces that we can influence or cannot influence us.

Immerse yourself in the environments, communities, and spaces where you can be inspired most. Then implement what you know through isolating yourself. By only looking to temporarily isolate yourself once you’ve had enough time immersed in the world, the discovery will be worth the time alone.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Quarantine Album: Be More Kind – Frank Turner

Music can heal the soul at any time of hardship, temporarily or permanently. Frank Turner brings me joy and uplifts me. At this point in history, we’re confused about what is going on during this COVID-19 Pandemic. “Be More Kind,” Frank’s seventh studio album, assuages the feelings that we are going through during this exact moment in history. Every lyric that is sang through this album is refreshingly honest, delivering timeless messages with passionate hooks. What more could you want from a collection of songs?


In a writer’s words, I wanted to take a crack at summarizing the meaning of the whole album. If you even look at the tracklisting titles of the songs, you already have a sense of how “Be More Kind” relates to our current situation.

We shouldn’t worry if we don’t know what to do because it is like 1933 out there, a year that will live in infamy. During that year, the Nazi Party started its rise, and Adolph Hitler began his terror upon the world. This year is the new 1933 but worse, because of its effect on everything, and the horror of fighting an invisible enemy. We now have begun to fight each other versus the main enemy as we did back then when we became one as a nation in a collective effort to defeat the Nazis. Frank wants us to stop pointing fingers at each other by reminding us to make little changes, such as being more kind. If we can’t make changes, then we can’t make “America Great Again.” He gives a more liberal approach and a positive spin on what that political statement with his signature punk rock twisting hooks. The fundamental message of the album is to be more kind. Simple, but effective, because if we don’t do that, then we will be going nowhere; America will be going nowhere. This is how it feels right now, not only in America but for the whole world. During this time of absolute chaos, we need to put on our brave faces, make sacrifices to help others, and he reminds us that the only way to do this is to be courageous in times of uncertainty.

We can get through this no matter what happens, so why not do it smiling? Do not forget to smile during the small victories of everyday miracles. Right now, the world is singing the survival blues. It feels like the world is going to have a power outage blackout, and the only way for the world to light up is for everyone to find our common ground. But for now, it feels like we are all drowning and barely holding on together on a lifeboat. We need to be reminded during this time to hold on together.

Once we learn how to make little changes with a brave face being kinder, we can someday get it right.

I discovered Frank at my first show at First Ave Main Room in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in December of 2011. Frank Turner opened for the Dropkick Murphy’s. I caught his last two songs, and those songs changed my life. He is now my favorite musician, and I’ve traveled many times to see him. I’ll never miss an opening act again because you’ll never know who you’ll discover.

Please check out “Be More Kind,” as it is the most relatable album to our current day struggle.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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IF You’re Desperate for Sports – I’ve Got You Covered.

During the world shut down due to the COVID-19 Crisis, there are no sports to distract us from the ugliness of the world. But, never say never. It’s crazy that there is only one major sports league in the world that is still performing. Despite not being the best Association Football in the world, we have this to pay attention just in case we are deprived and desperate for sports. In Belarus, the King or President (Leader) doesn’t care about sheltering in place. He thinks vodka is the best way to deal with what is going on (seriously). Therefore, the Belarusian Soccer league is one of the few sports leagues running in the world, playing in empty stadiums. Whoever is starting to miss sports, I’d encourage you to support the association by spreading the word.

Here is something fun that I did with the AAF and XFL.
1. Pick a random team to support and stick with them.
2. Before picking a team, do not look at their record.
3. Pick depend on colors, mascot, uniform, or city.

Here is a link to the list of teams in the Belarusian soccer league:

If you click on the tabs it will show the information from the tables to matches, but before you do that, pick a team based on your favorite color, favorite sounding name, favorite city… whatever you have a hunch on. Don’t look at any of the stats or players because that isn’t any fun.

For example, I will pick Zvezda because it has “da” for David and “Z” for Zosel.

I’m looking forward to hearing what team you will choose.

Now, you can live stream the games on here:

For more information the league website is:

Let me know who you root for.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Quarantine Cooking: Being a DJ.

When you can’t leave the house, you have to get creative when it comes to cooking. There is a trend of people continually leaving the house to get specific ingredients to make certain meals as an excuse. If you’re out of marinara, use ketchup. Now, this is quite extreme, but we need to figure out substitutions to stay in the house. I have always been good at cooking by looking at what I have in my fridge. It is as if I am a DJ in a nightclub called “My Kitchen.” But, most of us don’t know how to improvise. Here are some ways to think about how to maximize your food.

One major thing you can do is to evaluate the bases of your meals such as rice, noodles, potatoes, bread, and tortillas. Did you know if you have a hunk of cheese and a stale loaf of bread, you can make soup? All you have to do is to boil ripped up bread in hot water for a while then add cheese. The point being is that you can make any meal using these bases from sandwiches, soups, stir-fries, tacos, etc. Say if you have grilled chicken, butter and noodles, then this makes a meal. Or, if you have ingredients such as chicken, spinach, and bread, you can make a sandwich.

Then you have your spices and condiments. Add any of these to the bases of the meal to enhance flavor. If you want to make pad thai sauce, use peanut butter, bbq sauce, lime juice, and regular hot sauce to create a great stir fry sauce. It doesn’t need to be exactly like what you get on the streets of Thailand, but it makes for a good time. Frying rice in soy sauce make fried rice. A cup of milk, a few eggs, cinnamon, and sugar can make French toast. You can even use ramen noodles and marinara to make a poor man’s spaghetti.

Once, a recipe called for ginger, and I didn’t have any. So, cinnamon was my next best option, and I discovered that it was still enjoyable. I’ve used almond milk for pancakes on many occasions as a substitute, and it still tastes great. Once, I took parmesan cheese and mixed it with half and half, garlic, and mozzarella to make a pasta sauce.

If your spinach and fruits are going bad, then blend it all up into a smoothie. Or, you can pickle a lot of your vegetables before they expire, making them last longer. Everyone should have a gallon of vinegar below their sink, and now under lockdown, we have an excuse to use it.

Deglazing is one of my favorite methods of cooking meat. If you have a low cut piece of meat, take some chicken stock and pour it all over the meat before it is done cooking. This method will enhance flavor to the point where you can take a five-dollar steak and make it taste as if you got it from a steakhouse.

I can survive off of many combinations of protein, rice, and pickles. I’ve used sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, and anything pickled to make simple meals. If I want to get fancy, then I will add a fried egg on top.

Use your spices and sauces and marinate your meats in any creative fashion. Brown sugar, hot chilis, and soy sauce can make a very delicious marinade for your pork.

If you have a can of coconut milk, you can make coconut rices. Then stir fry vegetables and toss some spicy meat on there. Add a fried egg to be fancy. Everything is better with a fried egg.

In college, I was out of marinara, so I boiled some tomatoes that were going bad, smashed them up, added herbs and spices, and a little chicken broth, and then I had a substitute for marinara.

Just be creative.

I made hamburgers using English muffins, and it was unbelievable. It is simple as using olive oil, salt, and pepper to add to mixed greens to make a salad. Add lemon to be fancy. Got raisins too? Throw that in there.

This lockdown is a time to get creative with our cooking. There is no need to go to the grocery store until we are 100% out of food. Be a DJ cook and make stuff up by mixing and matching ingredients through using some improvisation.  All you need to remember is to use a base, meat, and a vegetable to create any weird combination of a meal.

Use all of your supplies and stay home. There is no need to make cupcakes. Stay safe, everyone.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Quarantine TV: “The Gang Get’s Quarantined” – It’s Always Sunny

As we know, television has always predicted the future. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is yet another prime example through their satirical social commentary displayed years ago on how the present world is reflected in this very moment in history. The COVID-19 quarantine shows five excellent examples of how people are reacting and dealing with the chaos that is ensuing in society.


You can watch this episode if you’d like. For the one or two people reading this, it is on season nine, episode seven.

In their predicament during the episode, they touch on many issues such as isolation, stocking supplies, social distancing, quarantining, alcoholism, and how being around the same people can create madness. Each of the five characters represents how different people are handling a pandemic.

Paranoia and control are what Frank represents. He goes to extreme measures to boss everyone around by creating rules. Frank is obsessed with disinfecting everything and staying as careful as possible. Frank spends his time worrying, going into survival mode, only thinking of his safety, and regularly paying attention to the news. To make matters more extreme, he tries to get everyone in the same mindset as him driving everyone insane.

For example, he quarantines the quarantine once Dennis is infected, and so on.

Dennis represents someone who ignores the outside world by putting all of his energy into one activity, which would be perfecting an acapella cover of Boyz II Men. He dictates the situation by being the orchestrator of one of their songs for the gang to win a contest. His fascist ways, once again, drive people insane. People do this to make the time go by faster. It is productive and fulfilling, but it can lead to insanity as well, and watching Dennis go through this is quite entertaining.

“Not giving a shit” is what Dee does in this scenario. She doesn’t care about the quarantine, ordering pizza and hiding it from the gang.
People in today’s situation continue to order takeout, sneak over to Game Stop or the liquor store, and find ways to leave the house to do things like purchase frosting for cupcakes, just like Dee.

Multidimensionally, Mac and Charlie are intertwined with different representations of our situation: consumeristic hoarding panic, social distancing (wearing hazmat suits), deceitfulness, not following the rules, and alcoholism. You can split up their representations in either way depending on how you view their character motifs in this episode.

What we are all going through can be found in these characters. There is nothing wrong with any of these ways to cope, but we cannot be extreme. “The Gang Gets Quarantined” is one of the most accurate satirical representations of how we, as a society, are handling our government lockdown.

It is essential to watch this episode at some point because it is a reflection of who we are as a human race right now. I can understand and empathize with the way we are acting. Most importantly, I realized that life could only be learned by moving backward to move forward, as I saw their characters mirror what our world is going through. As I’ve written many times before, life is always two steps back and one step ahead. But, we are still moving forward.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep putting one foot in front of the other.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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The Real Tiger King can Teach us True Social Distancing: Meet Sooyong Park.

Joe Exotic ain’t shit. Anyone can raise tigers in captivity and breed them. Since this whole “Tiger King” Netflix special is taking over our lives during this COVID-19 quarantine, I’d like to enlighten you a little about the irony of our situation. Tigers are a rare breed of beasts that are endangered in this world, so scarce that its beauty is a spectacle. Capturing footage of wild tigers is very difficult due to their rarity. Historically, most video you see from tigers in the wild has been recorded by Sooyong Park, a Korean Naturalist who goes to the extreme to provide us with such beauty. Like Joe Exotic, he has spent his whole life devoted to tigers, but with wild ones. Here is the reality of Sooyong Park:

If this man can sit in a bunker in Siberia, in frigid sub-zero temperatures, for 6-8 months at a time without leaving, then why is it so damn hard for us to stay in our homes? I can’t believe that people are so bad at social distancing.

When I was on a walk the other day, I saw a group of teenagers walking right next to each other. None of them had dogs, and they didn’t look they were family members. Are these teenagers practicing social distancing? Probably not. I can write another five paragraphs on instances like this that do not equate to correct social distancing. The only reason to leave the house is when you run out of food, and if you need to walk your dog. Stay inside! What is so hard about that?

People are finding any excuse to leave the house to go to the grocery store. Is your pantry empty? Is your freezer empty? Is your fridge empty? Is your second refridgerator empty? I highly doubt it. Do not leave the house until everything is gone.

And… I mean everything.

All you need is a 10-pound bag of rice, pickles, and some preserved meat like SPAM to survive.

Do you need to go to the store to get frosting for cupcakes that you are baking? No. This is not a time to live in gluttonous luxury, eating all the junk food in the world. It is survival time. We need to stay inside and eat what we have.

If we eat a big breakfast and a big dinner, then we do not need to leave the house if we have strategically stocked up. Every meal should be properly proportioned. For instance, if you use ketchup, you should only use the serving size on the bottle. How hard is that?

And for all of you toilet paper hoarders, you didn’t need to buy that much. All you need to do is hold it all day, and go once a day using only one sheet. Okay, just kidding.

COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire in the US because we Americans are not disciplined. If we all practiced with the intensity that I have already expressed, then our numbers could be a lot lower.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 4.08.06 PM.png

Most of us already have luxuries such as laptops, tablets, and phones to keep us busy. I have sat at my computer, writing books, blog posts, and I started an online clothing business ( to help raise money for the WHO. It’s easy, find something to immerse yourself into that will consume 8-12 hours of your day.

We have phones to call and talk to each other. It is so much easier to see your friends over Facetime because you don’t have to walk to your car and drive to see them. Plus, it is less expensive.

I have saved so much money during this quarantine by merely not doing excessive everyday things. I know people who are just buying random stuff on Amazon that they don’t need because purchasing items online makes them feel better. Don’t you get it? Buying that stupid Xbox headset or whatever is so unnecessary, and it is just clogging up shipping orders to be delayed even further.

Why are parents who are working from home putting their kids in daycare? Do you think those daycare providers are keeping kids six feet away from each other? Are these kids educated on what is going on in the world? I saw an old lady run up and hug a kid the other day, and the kid didn’t stop her, and neither did his mom. Are you kidding me? All joking aside, I’m not telling anyone how to raise their kids. But, if you want to shelter them then that is fine with me.

People are dying, and we still want to go to Target to buy legos for our kids! Entertain your children on your own. Teach them how to do multiplication and division for entertainment.


Yes, I did get ridiculous for this post, but someone has to make a point. It is okay to go outside but stay with your family or loved ones. Don’t be around your friends or meet up with them. But, if you do, stay six feet apart. This COVID-19 scare is real, and it is killing people left and right. I don’t see very many people abiding by these guidelines.

Come on, people; we are all in this together. If a Korean wildlife tiger videographer can sit in a hole for six to eight months in sub-zero weather, then why can’t you stay at home? I’d rather be the man in the hole than that tiger catches COVID-19. It is so easy.

Stay home! Stay away from each other!


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Movies for Lock Down: Snowpiercer.

Everyone has been binge-watching shows during this COVID-19 lockdown. Some people want to watch things that distract them, and others want to watch relatable films for our current situation. For me, its the latter. Since it is the end of the world, supposedly, I am suggesting you watch “Snowpiercer.”

The beginning of the film asks a resonating question for me: “Do you remember what steak tastes like?”

What if five years from now, we have to explain to our children what restaurants were? Or maybe a concert? A movie in theatres? Wow.

“Snowpiercer,” like other apocalyptic films, has this theme of disappearance of societal norms that is similar to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the movie, people are rationing blood blocks to survive. The film portrays classicism, showing people in the back of the train having to fight to get to the front of the train to make a better life. Does this sound familiar to you?

It’s an exhilarating watch that will make you forget about life for a minute, putting you into a different reality to inspire you further this COVID-19 pandemic will come to an end soon.



“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Songs for Lockdown: American Idiot – Green Day

Digging deep down into my feelings during this lockdown, “American Idiot,” by Greenday reminded me of what was happening in the world back in the early 2000s. Fear, propaganda, corruption, and angry people. COVID-19 has caused us to act like idiots.

Look at every Target toilet paper aisle.

People care more about their stocks, businesses, incomes, and economies versus human life. We are all idiots. I’m not saying that I’m any smarter than you or anyone else, but when the coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan back in early December 2019, I was warning people that this would be bad.

Yes, with extensive research and gleaming evidence, I feared something like this would happen. Therefore, I began stocking up on food a little by little each week, starting at the beginning of February. The only thing I knew was the fact that this virus was going to spread across the world, but I didn’t know how it would affect gas prices, the stocks, and everyone’s emotional state.

I began acting like an idiot talking about the paranoia before paranoia even became a thing.

From our government, and down the line, we are all idiots. Americans look at problems across the world, and we always think that this stuff will never happen to us. Well, now it is happening to us at one time—all of it. But it isn’t all of our faults because you can’t predict this stuff. You can only guess.

I can’t believe not very many people were taking this seriously back in December, and that includes our government. Even if the government knew that this was going to happen, they wouldn’t have been prepared for it dating back to the early 2000s when “American Idiot” came out.

Seriously, everything in the world is sold out, even bidets from Home Depot.

It’s okay; we will prevail one day. With the hysteria and frustration in this song, it relates to today’s reality, bringing back emotions that I had as a middle schooler.

Take a listen on Spotify or something.



“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Songs for Lockdown: Here I go Again – Whitesnake

This crazy quarantine COVID-19 lockdown has affected us all, tapping into all sorts of emotional states that we can or cannot handle. Music connects us with our emotions on a deep level, altering our auras, and ultimately creating dissonance. Every day during this lockdown, I have come back into connection with a song that reminded me of an emotion I had relating to the present. Today it is “Here I go Again” by Whitesnake. This tune has reincarnated the feelings that I had while living in Colorado this past summer.

While living away from home doing an amazing internship at Crispin Porter and Bogusky, I felt quarantined due to my homesickness. I missed my dogs, cat, family, and my fiance very much. During this time, I got to watch “The Fighter,” a boxing movie that had this classic ’80s hair metal tune.

Seeing Mark Wahlberg walk down to the ring before his championship title fight pumped me up in a stoic fashion. This power ballad evokes the feeling of being alone, toeing the line, but having to fight to move forward and survive.

It’s a song that reminds us to hang in there during this long and winding war that we are in, because then surely one day we can fight to win and overcome.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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Stay Busy. Stay Sane. Write Down Your Goals.

People have their ways of staying organized, what works best for me is using a highschool planner. It sounds weird. But it works. For the first time in a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my planner is full of absolutely nothing. As of today, I am going to write down daily goals to find accomplishments to maintain the right balance of mental and physical health. People say writing down goals is the first step in achieving them, and not many people actually do it. I realized this morning that I need to continue to do it to keep that habit. 

Usually, my highschool planner is filled with appointments, tasks, and advertising portfolio work. For two years, I’ve worked on my advertising portfolio to obtain a job in advertising, putting my blogging on hiatus. Right now, I am placing portfolio work on hold as I’m trying to work with art directors to polish it finally. Now, I can go back to doing what I love the most, which is journaling.

Now, my goals for the days to come will look something like this:

  1. Write 300 – 500 words.
  2. Read.
  3. Leisurely activities. 
  4. Work out.
  5. Walk Cooper.
  6. Cook and clean.

Writing down my goals keeps me sane, and it is a good habit to have during the times of imprisoned isolation. You see, we have the freedom to do what we want while we are trapped in our homes. It is quite the catch 22 and is quite similar to how prisoners feel in certain aspects. 

When Franco was king of Spain, everyone was afraid, and when he died in 1975, everyone went absolutely berzerk. 

We have the opportunity to explore new avenues, re-evaluate our life goals and ambitions, and to do new things such as playing chess. I can finally fix that lighting fixture and paint a hockey goalie mask. 

I’m trying to figure out how to find a balance of interests with my fiance, how to stay busy, how to keep good habits and to keep in contact with close friends and relatives. 

My late grandfather baked bread until his late 70 because it gave him a purpose. Maybe I’ll finish one of my three books, whatever it is, we all need to find some bread to bake right now to keep us moving forward. 


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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COVID-19 should be called RESET-20.

My late Grandmother grew up in the Great Depression. She always told me about how she would keep twisty ties, glass bottles, and save everything, including bacon grease, to prevent being wasteful. Will habits like this become the new normal when the world restarts again?

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing everyone, which is why I am pondering how the world will change as it is going through its rebirth. What will the new “normal” be? Am I the only one who is suffering from a slight delusional paranoia? I don’t know the answers to any of these questions. Hence why I need to talk or write it all out.

We are in a crisis of humanity versus capitalism, trying to prevent mass human annihilation and the most significant global recession. Which one would you rather have? I choose life every time.

I am trying to stay positive and healthy by writing every day, exercising, and taking care of things that I’d never had time for, such as fixing my laptop charger. Yesterday, I wrote about staying positive because the “greater is coming.” Sheesh, it’s so damn hard to keep that keen sense of optimism at times. Then later that night, a phantom started creeping into my head, terrifying me about the future of our human existence.

When my fiance and I are walking our dog around the lake, hordes of people are passing by, further terrifying me that the virus is spreading. This caused me to call the COVID-19 Minnesota hotline (651-201-3920 or 1-800-657-3903) to ask if it is safe to walk outside with my dog. The verdict: Stay six feet away from people. Yes, that is nearly impossible when Lake of the Isles is a sardine-packed night club.

People are utilizing their resources because if fitness centers aren’t open, then it causes a chain reaction to go for runs around the lake and doing at-home workouts.

Being resourceful is a major skill of mine, and I am taking it to the next level for probably no apparent reason other than the fear we may be living in at the moment. I’m rewashing zip lock bags for reuse when I run out, measuring my laundry detergent, washing bigger dishware by hand using one or two drops of dish soap, and I am finding every way to be resourceful. The extreme hit me when my vegetables were going to expire in a day; therefore, I resorted to pickling them.

To me, pickling vegetables is a sign of fear of oppression. Is anyone acting this way out of a slight fear lurking in the back of their minds?

Take your index finger and move it as close to your thumb as possible without touching. Maybe I’m going a little crazy? But, aren’t we all having our moments of going “cuckoo” right now? I may be overthinking this, but I’m not the only one.

I’m glued to my TV, whether it is binging HULU, doing barre classes, or watching the news. I am even pursuing my faith more seriously by reading a book called “Jesus Calling.” Of those, exercising is the best way to pass the time.

COVID-19 could change my normal social behavior. For instance, when walking on the sidewalk, I’m turning my head to the right when someone passes by. Believe me; I’m not the only one who is doing this. Can you believe that I haven’t been smiling and saying hello to that person? How un-Minnesotan like is that?

Hoarding, home workouts, working from home, cooking for ourselves, and talking to others on the phone or FaceTime are becoming trending human habits. COVID-19 is resetting the world.

Quarantine, social distance, wash your hands and cover your mouth. Be vigilant and get your groceries through delivery apps. Only leave the house if you have to, and stay away from older people. These are the little changes we have to make, but even those can’t cure the darkness of isolation or COVID-19. But, it can get us through it, and it can be just enough to slow things down.

Hopefully, our government will stop making this a political issue and realize we need to make this a health issue and let health officials have full control of their actions.

All we can do is to pray and to make those little changes.

There has got to be some good that will come out of this. I don’t know what the reset button will be like when it activates for our world, but I hope it will be one for the greater.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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