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When I think hard about a campaign, Allstate’s ads about mayhem resonate with me because of its ability to execute a universal truth. It keeps it simple, and simplicity is excellence because it is the ultimate sophistication. Moreover, this is the campaign where I had my epiphany when it came to copywriting.

unnamed-2.pngThere can never be too many ideas for executions. But, sometimes it’s hard for me to find the best one on the wall again. HELP!

In my opinion, creating a great ad starts with finding truths and insights about what the brand is selling. Allstate is selling insurance policies, one of the most boring things in the entire world. So, how do you make that interesting and compelling? They were able to find a truth, which that “Mayhem is everywhere.” They are not selling insurance plans, but they are selling the notion of comfort, protection, and assurance against bad things that can happen at any time.

unnamed-1.pngThere is no such thing as writer’s block if you write with candles and coffee. Put me in a boat in the Pacific Ocean and I’ll still be writing.

They took this truth and used it as their concept. Allstate executed it by personifying mayhem and made it compelling by using relatable scenarios of unfortunate situations that could happen to people at any moment. For example, my upstairs neighbor playing piano could fall through my ceiling while I am writing about this ad campaign. Good thing that I am covered because mayhem is everywhere.

Moreover, Allstate has used this concept to spawn off many ideas across all forms of advertising. It is effective in print, radio, TV, digital, and ETC.


I had to take down artwork off my walls to work on ad concepts for school. Hopefully, I’ll have the honor of decorating the walls at a top ten agency… minus the cool lights.

Outside of TV, it is still interesting, compelling, engaging, and funny. As commercial as this campaign is to the public, this initially made me understand some of the fundamental basis’ of how effective ads are created. Luke Sullivan stresses in his book, Hey Whipple…, to find or tell the truth and to keep things simple. Neil French also said if it’s a car ad, make it look like an ad for whiskey. This is an insurance ad, but it doesn’t look like one.

This is exactly what Allstate is doing.

The goal is to be a great copywriter. I mean a great one. The dream is to write a kick-ass Super Bowl ad one day.

This is me as a writer.

David Zosel