Adulthood Journal – December 2020 to February 20th 2021.

12/29/20 I’m engaged, bought a house, have a job and a dog, and a cat.

I’m engaged mentally and physically. I have bought and invested in my mental and physical health, and it is starting to pay off. I have a job that I can put all of my focus on, rather than being scatterbrained and stressed out.


There are a lot of exciting things happening at work this year. The most exciting thing outside of work is I’m finally getting shoulder surgery, and I’m also getting a puppy.

These will be significant life changes because pre and post-surgery are such mentally taxing things. My recovery will teach me great self-discipline, something that I’ve always wanted to master and improve my abilities to work through adversity through persevering.

This will be a big year for me. Getting married and mentally preparing myself to take care of a baby later down the line. For now, I can only control what I can, and that is taking care of myself, career, family, and growing my relationships. Most importantly, Kaley.

It is also an excellent reminder to invest in my health rather than coffee tables.


I am a creative problem solver. I delve deep into the situation and learn how to get to the root of the problem.

Collaboration is different from teamwork. Collaboration is the process of creating with other people. With my current position in my career, I need to balance teamwork and collaboration with others.

I must manifest my future and continue to do so.

I am responsible, thorough, and diligent.

To improve self-discipline, consistency is the first major step.

If the people I care about are suffering in any aspect of their life, I will make a strategic effort to help them. If they want it, then they can take it. I will not push anything that people don’t want.

I foresee myself in a lucrative life that is so dynamic and lucrative to the point where I can overcome anything.

We, as humans, breathe incorrectly. If you can breathe correctly, you can do anything. So, breathe through your nose.

I don’t know what it is with me, but I take forever to make decisions whenever buying things. It is probably because I think about whether it would be a good investment or if I need or want it.

I’ll leave stuff in my amazon cart for weeks until I decide to buy something.


I get shoulder surgery tomorrow, and I’m so nervous about the recovery process, not only for myself but for Kaley also. I don’t want to pressure her because there is already a lot of pressure to take care of someone when they have only one arm.

Man, I always have thoughts in my head on what I want to write, then I forget. Maybe, I should just run to my computer and type them.

After this surgery, I will slow down with every aspect of my life. My anxiety will go through the roof because of the slow one-armed pace that I have to be at.

It is always essential for me to mentally prepare myself for the mental states that I may be in with also considering the circumstance.

Surgery. One arm. Slow. Anxiety.


Be quick but don’t hurry. Slow down. David, you need to slow down. Just slow down. Work on the damn fundamentals. If you go 100 miles an hour to start, you will burn out. Just slow down. Get into a routine.

You just got shoulder surgery. Please, for the love of God, take everything you’re doing slowly. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Everything you do right now is a fundamental basis for your children, fianc√©, future wife, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Create a strategic routine that you can try to follow good habits strictly. Then you can have the life that you dream of having with Kaley.

Right now, you will continue to build a solid foundation for a robust marketing infrastructure for this company. Then you will learn all the nuances of selling this artificial intelligence social media advertising platform. You will do this by taking baby steps. Rome was not built in a day, and that is what you are trying to build for you and Kaylee.

You will wake up and work out and shower tomorrow morning starting at 6:30. Make sure to do your shoulder exercises and to start off by going slow on the bike to get comfortable with your shoulder. You will dress nicely for work tomorrow, and you will sit at your desk all day except lunch, and you’re 20 minutes that you will get to lay down with your computer.

Tomorrow is the day that you will start taking baby steps towards creating and protecting your legacy.

Be quick but do not hurry.


Be humble. And work hard. And be slow and thorough.


It’s hard for me to sit and do nothing. But, after being seven months into my new job, enduring life changes, and finally getting into a rhythm, I can settle in and go back to participating in my hobbies.

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