Running Your Own Race

There are so many things that I cannot control in the world.

With all the noise going on in the world, I challenge you to remind yourself that “You’re running your own race.”

If you run someone else’s race, you will lose every time. And if you do win, you won’t obtain the result that is right for you.

Focusing on yourself is crucial.

I need to focus on being my best self to give my best to others.

I must focus on being my best self to give back to others.

I need to keep running my own race, so I can lead teams to success and help people worldwide.

I know I’d fail if I were running someone else’s race.

I can’t do what Elon or Zuckerberg does. Building cars and creating a new dimension of the internet is not my thing.

But I can do what I control and try to do it the best I can every day.

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