Digital Agencies are Not Telling Your Small Business About Advertising with OTT/CTV– The Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Platform

As a small company, don’t let digital agencies scam, prejudge, or hide information from you. 

They want big clients to charge big agency fees and mark up your media buys.

As a small company, you may be wondering what OTT/CTV advertising can do for your small business and why it should be part of your advertising strategy.

Due to a lack of knowledge out there, let’s back up.

OTT/CTV is Over the Top/Connected Television: the new wave of Television advertising. And it is a programmatic strategy, which is a whole other article for me to write about OTT/CTV. 

Your small company/business can now advertise like the heavy-hitting industry leaders. OTT/CTV ads are the fastest growing advertising channel, and you will be lost in the dust because:

Digital agencies are the people who hold the knowledge of this marketing channel and are only providing it to companies with huge budgets for huge profits. This is because they know they can charge companies who can afford their ridiculous fees. 

These digital marketing agencies display very little information because they secretly sell this service to companies with huge marketing budgets at a marked-up rate for the cost per thousand views. 

The only information you can find on it is:

  1. What it is.
  2. What is the difference between OTT/CTV?

It’s simple… streaming television across streaming platforms and devices through accurate targeting.

The bigger the budget their clients have, the more they will profit. It is unfair to small businesses with small budgets who cannot afford expensive agency fees and their CPMs (cost per thousand views) rates.

You can now tap into these audiences.

Don’t let agencies scam, hide, or take away these opportunities. 

There is no reason why businesses with smaller wallets should miss out on taking advantage of OTT/CTV. 

I can offer this to your company with no consultancy fee at no-marked-up pricing by connecting you with my partner’s OTT/CTV programmatic technology.

The point of marketing is to bring success to your clients as an agency. 

Why would my partner charge no fees? 

If marketing doesn’t bring you results, why even pay my partner’s consultancy fee? Just pay for the media at cost. 

Advertising should be affordable to all companies. Even the little guy. 

This is an unprecedented opportunity for smaller companies, and agencies are holding you back due to your lack of budget. 

Please contact me via Linkedin for me to help provide these services for you.

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