The Real Tiger King can Teach us True Social Distancing: Meet Sooyong Park.

Joe Exotic ain’t shit. Anyone can raise tigers in captivity and breed them. Since this whole “Tiger King” Netflix special is taking over our lives during this COVID-19 quarantine, I’d like to enlighten you a little about the irony of our situation. Tigers are a rare breed of beasts that are endangered in this world, so scarce that its beauty is a spectacle. Capturing footage of wild tigers is very difficult due to their rarity. Historically, most video you see from tigers in the wild has been recorded by Sooyong Park, a Korean Naturalist who goes to the extreme to provide us with such beauty. Like Joe Exotic, he has spent his whole life devoted to tigers, but with wild ones. Here is the reality of Sooyong Park:

If this man can sit in a bunker in Siberia, in frigid sub-zero temperatures, for 6-8 months at a time without leaving, then why is it so damn hard for us to stay in our homes? I can’t believe that people are so bad at social distancing.

When I was on a walk the other day, I saw a group of teenagers walking right next to each other. None of them had dogs, and they didn’t look they were family members. Are these teenagers practicing social distancing? Probably not. I can write another five paragraphs on instances like this that do not equate to correct social distancing. The only reason to leave the house is when you run out of food, and if you need to walk your dog. Stay inside! What is so hard about that?

People are finding any excuse to leave the house to go to the grocery store. Is your pantry empty? Is your freezer empty? Is your fridge empty? Is your second refridgerator empty? I highly doubt it. Do not leave the house until everything is gone.

And… I mean everything.

All you need is a 10-pound bag of rice, pickles, and some preserved meat like SPAM to survive.

Do you need to go to the store to get frosting for cupcakes that you are baking? No. This is not a time to live in gluttonous luxury, eating all the junk food in the world. It is survival time. We need to stay inside and eat what we have.

If we eat a big breakfast and a big dinner, then we do not need to leave the house if we have strategically stocked up. Every meal should be properly proportioned. For instance, if you use ketchup, you should only use the serving size on the bottle. How hard is that?

And for all of you toilet paper hoarders, you didn’t need to buy that much. All you need to do is hold it all day, and go once a day using only one sheet. Okay, just kidding.

COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire in the US because we Americans are not disciplined. If we all practiced with the intensity that I have already expressed, then our numbers could be a lot lower.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 4.08.06 PM.png

Most of us already have luxuries such as laptops, tablets, and phones to keep us busy. I have sat at my computer, writing books, blog posts, and I started an online clothing business ( to help raise money for the WHO. It’s easy, find something to immerse yourself into that will consume 8-12 hours of your day.

We have phones to call and talk to each other. It is so much easier to see your friends over Facetime because you don’t have to walk to your car and drive to see them. Plus, it is less expensive.

I have saved so much money during this quarantine by merely not doing excessive everyday things. I know people who are just buying random stuff on Amazon that they don’t need because purchasing items online makes them feel better. Don’t you get it? Buying that stupid Xbox headset or whatever is so unnecessary, and it is just clogging up shipping orders to be delayed even further.

Why are parents who are working from home putting their kids in daycare? Do you think those daycare providers are keeping kids six feet away from each other? Are these kids educated on what is going on in the world? I saw an old lady run up and hug a kid the other day, and the kid didn’t stop her, and neither did his mom. Are you kidding me? All joking aside, I’m not telling anyone how to raise their kids. But, if you want to shelter them then that is fine with me.

People are dying, and we still want to go to Target to buy legos for our kids! Entertain your children on your own. Teach them how to do multiplication and division for entertainment.


Yes, I did get ridiculous for this post, but someone has to make a point. It is okay to go outside but stay with your family or loved ones. Don’t be around your friends or meet up with them. But, if you do, stay six feet apart. This COVID-19 scare is real, and it is killing people left and right. I don’t see very many people abiding by these guidelines.

Come on, people; we are all in this together. If a Korean wildlife tiger videographer can sit in a hole for six to eight months in sub-zero weather, then why can’t you stay at home? I’d rather be the man in the hole than that tiger catches COVID-19. It is so easy.

Stay home! Stay away from each other!


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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