Make Time to Waste Time.

When was the last time we could look at the clouds in the sky to debate if we see a pig or space shuttle?

As I look away from the clouds, I recollect walking the streets of Paris with an old friend to the Eiffel Tower after visiting the Louvre. We saw a quaint cafe that looked like nothing we’d ever seen before and ended up staying there for two hours despite our tight itinerary. We laughed and exchanged stories, philosophies, and engaged in very stimulating conversation. Without this subtle glitch in time, I wouldn’t have gotten to honestly know this person that I met a month before this trip. This is where I learned one of the greatest lessons of all when you want to enjoy life: sometimes we need to make time to waste time. Ten minutes later, we were taking pictures by the Eiffel Tower. If we hadn’t lost that time at that cafe, our time at the Eiffel Tower would have been less meaningful.

There was a time in this world where you could get a travel Visa and fly to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. It isn’t the case anymore due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the accessibility to the world will change forever. Everything is different, from travel plans to daily routines. But, the silver lining is that we can learn to make time to waste time because life needs to go on with a new philosophical perspective.

Film director, Richard Linklater, once said that there is nothing more admirable than being lost in your 20s. It’s true. But, now it is even harder to figure things out as a person in their 20s, or at any age. I’ll ask again when we had the time to look at the clouds and debate what we saw? Maybe now, if we waste a little time, something can inspire us instead of worrying about our current situation. When there is a tragedy, birds will always fly out of the fallout shelter, bringing us hope.

During such a lost time, we all need to find hope in some form or another. Hope comes to us, and it isn’t something that we reach to find. It finds us.

Being lost is admirable, and if you embrace it, please remember that something and someone will come to you.

In my case or yours, if you’re like me at all, which you probably aren’t. Wow, I don’t even know if that sentence structure was correct. But, who cares. When you’re knee-deep in writing a blog post, and your fiance asks if you want to take the dog on a walk, then embrace the interruption. It is beautiful how life’s current itinerary can wait because when you’re on that walk with little Cooper and the love of your life, you can find the sun behind those clouds that look like puppies.

You wouldn’t find that inside. We’re not designed to be sad at home, that is why we need to step out and face the sunshine.

I’m not perfect when it comes to this notion, but making time to waste time has been a philosophy that I’ve been trying to practice and revisit from that one day in Paris with an old friend.

All the metaphors aside at this point in history, whatever life’s interruptions are, bring them on. It’s time to start living in the moment and embracing life’s interruptions.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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