Fresh Trends in Advertising and Marketing to Notice: Edition Eight.

Alex Bogusky Calls out Juul.


In his new podcast, “The Woodshed,” Alex Bogusky calls out Juul and its advertising for indirectly targeting teens. As the forefather of digital brand interaction and purpose-driven advertising, Alex Bogusky’s TRUTH campaign became very close in closing the chapter on the old problem with the tobacco epidemic with teenagers in the 2000s. 


Bogusky is using “The Woodshed” as a platform to send a message to other advertising agencies to stop pitching to nicotine clients like Juul. It is immoral to take on such clients, and turning down big industry nicotine vape money can prevent the problem. Instead, if advertising agencies such as his own, Crispin Porter and Bogusky, should create a public discussion to begin the ending of this new problem. 


Now with the rise of Juul, he calls them out by breaking down their ads, explaining the psychology of ad lingo. It is fascinating to see how he goes in depth about how Juul attempts to “normalize” nicotine vaping use for teens. 


Here are messages Juul is giving us and how Bogusky uncovers and translates the truth behind them.


“Not every smoker wants to continue to smoke cigarettes.”


Bogusky: Sounds like people are enjoying it. So, it’s okay to do it. But, there are a few that want to quit. 


“It’s a satisfying alternative to cigarettes.”


Bogusky: Here is how an adult product, not for you, is very satisfying. But, you may want this new alternative because it is not harmful like cigarettes. 


“34 million smoke and this is 1/7 Americans.”


Bogusky: If you’re a teen, a lot of people smoke. So, that is okay. 


The appeal is that teens can’t be doing this, and Juul is using their product as a vice for them to wrestle for control against their parents. Overall, Juul is using the psychological tactic of saying, “Hey, teenagers. Don’t use our product.” Because it is effective, and if you tell them not to do something, then they will do it. 


As a community, we stripped creativity to promote the prevention of tobacco use in teens. But, now the rise of Juul has found a way to tiptoe around it because their product only promotes nicotine use.  


Bogusky is right and is one of the very few people speaking out about this issue. CPB has always been a leader in purpose-driven advertising, who have innovated digital brand interaction and creating a purpose for their clients. We should all look forward to seeing what Alex and CPB have in store for attempting to close this new chapter in teen vaping prevention. 


Nevertheless, PR and Ad agencies need to follow the lead of Alex Bogusky and take on teenagers as a client rather than companies like Juul to prevent the teen vaping epidemic from growing even further. 


Kohler Releases Third Social Impact Report.


The design manufacturing leader in kitchen and bath products, Kohler, has been paving the way on how we track social impact. Since 2015 they have examined their results on three problematic areas: Stewardship, Innovation for good (IFG), and sustainability.


Here are their results in all three of their facets in their third report.


Stewardship – Relief for Volunteers.


Created to support relief volunteers in disaster zones, Kohler has provided nearly 3,000 showers for relief volunteers across the U.S., including those who fought wildfires in California.


Innovating for Change and Good.


As a signature program, this is their initiative in implementing sustainable business solutions for their company. IfG has resulted in receiving a Mahatma Award for Social Good, spotlighting changemakers and committed to solving complex social issues.




This year, they have focused even more heavily on investing in renewable energy. Kohler’s reduction strategy relies on reducing overall energy use in manufacturing facilities. They actively strive to identify ways to implement renewable energy solutions by investing in 12 solar array projects. They have also publicly agreed only to receive 425,000-megawatt hours annually to offset all electric use in North America, reducing carbon footprint globally by 26%.


It is refreshing to see a large company taking a three-dimensional approach to provide, report, and show accountability on social impact because delivering a change in the world is a dynamic initiative. 


Man, Machine, and Data : The New Age Trio for Success in ROI in Ad Tech. 


Without data, the advertising ecosystem wouldn’t exist in the way it does. Marketers are now looking to use the new developments in the tech industry by understanding how Man, Machine, and Data can work together. Here is what we believe is the most effective way to implement it to your company for the best ROI.


Artificial Intelligence further optimizes tedious tasks to save time and money on human resources. With these new developments, humans can focus on more critical roles in maximizing their companies ROI. 


It is up to humans to know what our role is, delegating what fits. We are the ones deciding how to maximize ROI through the use of AI. For this to work, a trusted tech partner is the most strategic way of finding maximization.


But, ad tech still can’t achieve full potential if we do not use our data points. 


Humans need data to shape the advertising ecosystem. Machines do not know how to use the right data to make the correct calculations to find the best results. Humans need to fuel our AI machines in the best way possible with accurate data, creating the perfect formula for harmonious success. 


Simply put, think of a gas station. Humans need to put fuel into their machine. The right fuel (data), needs to go into the car (machine), and the human needs to regulate it to maximize your car’s driving performance (results). 


Use these tips, make sure you’re balancing the ad tech trifecta, and connect the dots to come up with a campaign that works. With that, done effectively, your company can drive great results with your campaigns. 

“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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