Fresh Trends in Advertising and Marketing to Notice: Edition Seven.

The biggest news in Ad Tech lies within the growing global issue of data protection, a topic of conversation that businesses need to familiarize themselves with from all over the globe. The number one authority to be aware of is ICO, the Information Commissioners Office in the United Kingdom.

ICO is the world’s leading authority on Global Data Protection (GDPR), because of their innovation of how they enforce stricter laws on GDPR. They are now the biggest worry in ad tech because of several outlined areas in which ad tech should not be operating within the field of how personal data is used within advertising’s real-time-bidding methods, Programmatic, and the open exchange market.

ICO’s influence has spread across the world, especially in the US. ICO’s equivalent in the US is the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection (FTC). The FTC is now adopting the practices of ICO but in different manners. Though very similar, they are not the same because the UK has stronger laws, and the FTC uses stronger enforcement because they issue much more substantial fines.

ICO Is relevant for US’ market because the FTC will use ICO as a guinea pig to learn and strengthen their lobbying for more data privacy.

ICO and the FTC have already fined numerous digital businesses for misuse of consumer data.

The FTC’s most significant privacy-focused penalty was $22.5 million issued to Google for its circumvention of Apple’s Safari consumer privacy settings in 2012.

Also, ICO has already sought to issue Facebook with a maximum punishment for its part in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

ICO’s enforcement of stricter laws is the right direction GDPR has to go for companies to stay honest and to keep their integrity towards their brand. With ICO acting as the world leaders for this issue, it will be fascinating to see the results of their direct impact on government departments such as the FTC, and all over the world.

-Good Spread Peanut Butter

There are purpose-driven brands, and then there is Good Spread Peanut Butter, a company that is redefining this term. Good Spread makes a direct impact almost immediately, saving the lives of children five and under whenever a jar of peanut butter is purchased.

Their goal is to stop Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), an epidemic in underdeveloped countries in which it kills more kids every year than aids, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. Rather than a buy one give one model, they want to cure SAM
with a peanut butter-based medicine used to treat malnutrition. Thus, when you purchase a jar, you send a treatment of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food, rather than a jar of peanut butter.

Also, what sets Good Spread apart from many brands is their level of consumer interaction, where you can track your results from your purchase. Each jar features a unique tracking code to see precisely where your Therapeutic Food packet is headed, and with that, you can see the direct impact that you have made in the world.

Within six weeks, your purchase makes a difference, statistically curing 96% of children from SAM. This is jaw joppingly magical.

What they are doing is crucial for the need for real authenticity, and is equally essential to the consistency of communicating brand purpose across all facets. With purpose-driven brands coming to the forefront, if a company isn’t doing anything, then it isn’t saying anything.

Actions speak louder than words.

-Minnesota Vikings

When most think of the NFL, they perceive it to be a selfish conglomoration, run by the old world notion of a for-profit business. But, the Minnesota Vikings are pioneering a way to change this, and it could be the future of how franchises can create social impact, despite being in a business-driven for profit through gladiatorial entertainment.

The MN Vikings and Xcel Energy have partnered up to create an initiative called Vikings Table, a custom built food truck to distribute healthy meals to the youth in the Twin Cities. Whether it is during a game, at training camp, or fundraisers, wherever the Vikings are, this food truck will be their to raise funds for the growing youth in the Twin Cities.

Close to 250,000 kids are missing meals during the summer months, and during the school year. What is innovative about what the MN Vikings are doing is that they are leading the conversation, inviting smaller foundations to use their widespread platform to join the fight in preventing food insecurity within the youth demographics of the Twin Cities.

By using their brand, they are removing traditional barriers that non-profits have to deal with everyday. The main takeaway is companies across the world should share their platforms to help create a powerful social impact that is geared towards their purpose. After all, we’re all in this fight for social good with one another, so why not work together to make a real impact.

Let’s define what the Vikings are doing as a “Platform-Sharing-Ripple Effect” in the fight towards creating results in social good.

“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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