Why You Need to Watch “Goosebumps.”

Cold was the night. After stumbling home, I decided to watch Goosebumps because I wanted to watch a fun movie to end my night. I want to suggest a movie that is fun to watch for a whole group of people because after all movies are supposed to be fun as well, right?
This is an excellent movie for a group of friends to get together and watch. It is an entertaining movie, and everyone will enjoy the ride. It’s funny, humorous, and thrilling enough to keep everyone happy. I always have anxiety about choosing a movie when I am hanging out with a bunch of people because I want everyone to have a good time. I don’t have to worry about people having a good time with this movie because it is so fun and it has something for everyone.

The logline states:

“The upside of his new neighborhood: a bewitching girl. The downside: her dad’s creepy stories come to life.”

When I heard Jack Black in an interview, he said that all the Goosebumps monsters were going to be in the film. Little did I know that he plays a fictionalized version of R.L. Stine. Jack Black is over the top funny in this film. He is just a fireball full of talent, there is not a character type that he can’t do, and there is not a person that he can’t make smile. The film is loosely based on the novels, incorporating all of the mysterious creatures rather than focusing on any stories specifically. I really like this because as an avid fan of the books, all I wanted to see were the creatures, the humor, the thrills, and the plot twists. That is what makes Goosebumps great.

This film is a great film to introduce anyone who is too afraid to explore the horror genre. It is a family horror film that has scares that are tame enough for children and humor that will make adults laugh along as well. It really is a movie for everyone. This movie will make you want to brush the dust off of your old childhood Goosebumps novels on your bookshelf and read them all over again.

Viewer beware you’re in for a scare.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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