Why You Need to Watch “Hits.”

YouTube hits are a form of currency.  Anyone can be famous without a record deal or a colossal corporation backing. All you need to do is get some sort of internet-platform and an audience. This film is the directorial debut of David Cross where he satirizes the narcissistic culture of the millennial generation. The film emphasizes how there are people out there who will do anything to achieve fame and how it can bring you to your own downfall. The kicker is that if you are doing something because you believe that it is for the greater common good, then you may end up being the most famous one of all. That is the secret to becoming famous.


I watched this movie because I wanted to know why there was a blonde girl with a gun as the movie poster. Why not, right? I was super curious. If that doesn’t want to make you watch the film, then this post will.

The logline that Netflix states about the film is:

“Plumbing the depths of American culture in the Internet age, this mordant comedy takes its humor from the trials of a municipal worker named Dave.”

The description on Wikipedia says, “Municipal worker Dave’s life changes completely when videos of his rants about potholes at City Hall go viral on YouTube.”

Since Netflix and Wikipedia failed to give you a good logline, here is David Zosel’s logline:

“An aspiring narcissistic singer, thirsting for fame cannot handle the attention that her father is receiving for his town hall meeting tantrums on YouTube. As her small town receives attention across the country, she finds that this may be her only opportunity for stardom.”

This film is a dialogue-heavy based film. It is a brilliant satire, and it will make you think and laugh along the way about how ridiculous the world that we live in has become. Everyone in the film wants to be famous for one reason or another. But, the person who achieves fame is the one that doesn’t want to be famous. He just wants a few potholes fixed in his town.

There are three storylines in this film that come together. The daughter, who dreams of being a famous singer and has these constant faux conversations with Ellen in her car. The father, Dave, who goes to weekly town hall meetings to complain, rant and yell at the city council to make a difference in the city. Last, we have Donovan, the leader of a Brooklyn-based “Think Tank” group who wants to exploit Dave’s cause to the rest of the world.

The film explores the ideas of fame, how people want it, get it, and deal with it. Hits satirize the absolutely crazy things that people will do and how fame can change a person, Hits shows us that it can lead to our own downfall humorously.

The film leads up to a very memorable and very controversial ending that will either leave you laughing to the point where you will be rolling on the floor, or you will be in absolute disgust. That is what is so tricky with satires.

Andy Warhol said that in the future, everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame. He never talked about how fame can create an addiction and how it can affect people.

This film is a great Friday night movie, and I highly recommend that you watch it because it explores this recurring issue in our generation’s youth in a light satirical way.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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