Why You Need to Watch “Horns.”

For me, Daniel Radcliffe is relieved of his duties as Harry Potter, and it has been that way for some time. For most people who have not seen him in anything else other than Harry Potter, this would be a good film in his filmography start with, and when you are done watching this film, you will know that he is a phenomenal talent. Horns is a dark fantasy horror film that satirizes religion and provides grim comedy along the way. Most importantly, Horns is the epitome of what monomyth’s (the hero’s journey) are in all forms of storytelling.

The logline states:


“Accused of murder, Ig Perish wakes up one day to find he’s grown a set of horns — compelling people to confess their sins to him.”

Since Netflix failed to give you a good logline, here is my logline:

“Framed for raping and murdering his girlfriend, Ig Perish discovers newfound paranormal abilities through growing mysterious horns, using them to uncover the actual killer.”

Writing one sentence about a film is very difficult. I would love to have that job at Netflix. Just writing descriptions for cinema.

I woke up this morning and thought that this film was similar to Taxi Driver. Then I thought about it, and nothing compares to Taxi Driver. But, you can see that Ig Perrish and Travis Bickle have similar qualities.

Here is the thing about this film, it is made for cinema buffs. Horns has the feel of a low-budget film twisting and merging the horror and dark humor, creating an impeccable atmospheric dystopian small town that unfolds the story to become more exponentially sinister within each minute of the film. Ig Perrish grows horns for cripes sake. That is satanic as hell. If you are expecting explanations, then you will not enjoy the film. You need to have an open mind for this film, and you need to accept the story as it is being told. If you do that, then you will find yourself being indulged with this darkly humorous film.

This is definitely not your typical movie. It is absolutely crazy. That is why I recommend that you watch it.

Horns is a dogmatic satire with a dash of dark comedy. If you go into this film with zero expectations, then it will be a delightful night for you.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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