Questions I had to answer for a job application.

Describe yourself in six words.

Curious, Courageous, Cunning, Creative, Compassionate, Cool.

What site do you waste the most time on? Sell us on wasting our time there.

As of the past month, I have been really into YouTube channels that show people living out of their cars. These people do more with less because living out of your vehicle takes audacity. They find ways to use creativity to create solutions to life’s creatures of comfort. They solve the problems of paying for rent, electric, gas, and other types of major bills. If they want to travel, then they can drive to their destination without even worrying about paying for a hotel. The lives that these people lead are just fascinating. I have seen vans with toilets, showers, internet, televisions, and anything you can think of. What is cool about these channels is that it makes you think about why we need all of this stationary excess. Why not minimize and be mobile? Humans are designed to be nomadic and roam the earth. Wanderlust is a magical thing, and these people have been chosen by a life that must be lived in passing through.

Write a backstory for your favorite emoji.

The top hat emoji because no one uses it. It made me special because a top hat is an enigma. There is lore behind a top hat. From powerful men in the 18th century to magicians and rockstars. I felt connected to something that made people wonder. This all began when I had a Guns and Roses phase in college where I became obsessed with Slash. I even bought a few top hats and wore them everywhere. It was a great phase, but I’m glad I grew out of it. If I wanted to break the ice with a girl, I would send her three top hats and ask her to choose one. It’s a better opening line than, “Hey.” Whatever she picked, I’d say she won a date with me, and oddly enough it worked. Other than meeting girls, I’d do that three top hat line to anyone, regarding anything. My favorite combination to use with the top hat would be top hat, sunglasses smiley and a bowl of soup. Everyone knew the soup meant pho because I am half Asian.

To whoever is reading this, I am putting up three top hats. Choose one. If you chose the left, you have a copywriter willing to fill up many walls with ideas and headlines. If you wanted the middle one, then you have a copywriter that is willing to learn and take direction to develop into a talent that will help the campaign succeed. If you choose the right one, then you will get one of the hardest working writers the agency will ever see. I don’t think you can lose with anyone you picked.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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