Be Thankful for the Beauty of Emotional Content.

With this year’s Thanksgiving in the books, there were a few discoveries that we should be making at this point in time. Questions have always been posed towards what we are thankful for. In many foreign countries, the idea of gathering with all of your friends, family, and neighbors happens almost every day. So, why do we have this behemoth get together maybe once or twice a year? Sometimes not even ever. With a new perspective, there may be some things that the westernized American culture is missing during the times of these consumeristic capitalism holidays ensuing the hellish bedlams that we either loathe or love. With that, how should we be thankful?

Many of us are thankful for our family, friends, vocations, opportunities, possessions, health and on and on soever the per usual of what we say at the table. Here is a notion that is a revelation that is worth discovering on your own beautiful odyssey.


Hold all graces, afar, right here.

Keep them in your heart. All of the fertile furtive feelings, love, lost evenings, lust, and last minutes; hold on to them for dear life. If there is a star amongst your moons that you long for, that is indeed a gift. Virtuously so, if we have not obtained that moon buried and lost beyond our wildest dreams, then we should most imperatively be thankful for the fact that we have something so real, beautiful, and unobtainable in our lives that keep us moving along in life.

The chase, time spent, and honeymoon phase of the pursuit of the moon is great. But, that is not the best part of it despite its glory due to the emotional content that comes with it. If we view this from the idea that the moon may disappear at a moments notice, then all is lost. If all anticipation, desire, and lust towards that metaphor of the moon are lost and forgotten; that is the bad part. When you forget about your own “personal” moon, life will become a shanty. Even if you lose it, then find another one. Have the hope to find another one to search for. Believe in one’s self that once your moon is gone that you miss it because the heartbreak is the absolute best part. If you think the best part is of your finger pointing to the moon is the most enjoyable part then you are missing all of its glory because when it becomes lost then you are missing the point of emotional content.

No, the best part is the heartbreak; missing, yearning, and following your path. Once you forget, it becomes bad because your heart will stop beating for it.

The feeling of your body being connected to your own spiritual life force is the energy of creation. This is the conclusion to this point of what we should be thankful for. Holding all graces, afar, right here in our hearts. This poetic justice falls under the idea as emotional content, in which will help you become a human being from a fleeting moment to another. Once emotional content is created by the self, it enables you to produce openness, receptivity, and awareness to your natural surroundings. With channeling your inner emotional content, you can finally be in a state of connectivity rather than isolation because you can relate to what your environment that shapes, flows and crashes like a river.

Be thankful that you can hold all of your gifts (Graces), from a distance of hope (afar) in your heart right now in your life.

As Bruce Lee once said, “Emotional content. It’s like a finger pointing to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”

Be grateful rather than thankful that we can all hold all graces, afar, right here; in our hearts.

This is a notion that all of the mankind has had ever since we were able to make fire. This idea falls under so many aspects of our lives that we tend to be oblivious towards and we should take into consideration of how we should be thankful for it.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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