Winning Winter.

With Old Man Winter lurking around the corner, this means multiple things for many other Minnesotans; snow, cold, hockey, and seasonal affective disorder.


One could argue that during the Fall, the human race naturally prepares for the winter. Planning good times, companionship (I just got a kitten), vacations, and creating an environment of survival are all things that can get you through the dreaded winters in northern climates.

I always have prepared for winter this way, but here are some helpful nuggets to help us prepare for the season that brings us five to six hours of sunlight a day.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a major issue that downsizes our moods, optimism, and our willingness to be social with our neighbors. Purchasing a SAD lamp has been a key part of my success and I recommend that everyone should get one due to the lack of sunlight. Vitamin D tablets also help boost your energy levels that also replace the lack of sun as well. This combination that replaces sunlight will provide a good substitute for the natural energy that is lost during the winter, further boosting your mood and optimism.

Every year, I purchase a new jacket and a pair of boots that will combat the icy climate. You really have to go to war with the -40 weather, and this is like purchasing armor. You do not necessarily have to purchase those two things, but if you do something similar it will make you feel prepared and ready to take on that force head on, boosting your confidence for the long months ahead. Treating yourself to something like this always makes one feel good about themselves as well.

In November, around Black Friday and Cyber Monday week, watch the airline tickets like stocks on Wall Street. Find a destination and start planning a trip to go on in January. Go someplace warm for a week or a weekend. It is always good to look forward to something in the future. With work, school, and or other daily activities that we must be dutiful in this weather, it is always good to take a break so that we can sharpen the saw in order to work even more efficiently.

Now to bring up the topic of heat. It is imperative to insulate your windows, cutting down your heating bill and keeping that windchill out of your house. Next, get an automatic car starter installed in your car because it will cut down your commute time and your time that you need to get ready in the morning to go to work. No one likes to sit in their freezing car for those agonizing five minutes, waiting for their car to warm up. Last invest in a space heater for your bathroom so you can eliminate the fear of stepping out of the shower.

Stock up on hot cocoa, tea, cider, and soup. Seriously, it is always good to have soup and tea in your cabinet to obtain that quick warm-up fix. Avoid whiskey because although it makes your skin warmer, it is deceptive due to the fact that it takes away from your core body temperature.

Winters make us who we are: goofy and tough. The native northern climate population naturally knows how to endure these winters. But, for people who are transplanted foreigners to this type of climate, this strategy will help you survive and thrive during your experience with winter.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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