Do the Right Thing.

A wise man once said, “Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” That man who said this was the one and only, Mark Twain. The legendary American Novelist is the epitome of that quote, but sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. Knowing that the easy way out is just a vice, making it easy for one to fall into temptation in order to get away with mischief is only a benefit for the self rather than the whole.

You never know who will be affected by your actions when you decide to take the easy way out by taking the path of mediocrity; the road of greed and gluttony. Who knows who could be watching you. It could be God, a security camera, or a stranger in passing because there are eyes, cell phones and whispers that surround us that can travel many miles in a bat of an eyelash.

Earlier this week, there was a young man who walked out of the eatery known as Chipotle. As he strolled through that parking lot, he stumbled upon a brand new pair of Beats wireless headphones. As he slowly picked them up, he contemplated for a split second. Then he tentatively looked around taking one step toward the restaurant. Then it dawned on him to look into the cars next to them. He found two girls in the car where he found the Beats and politely knocked on the door asking if this was theirs. Then they came out of the car with a camera and microphone in each hand congratulating him that he did the right thing.

You should have seen the gratuitous astonishment on the girl’s faces that this person took the time to find the owner.

You see, someone is always watching.

Never have I ever thought in a million years that I would have found myself being in one of those situational YouTube videos where the content creators plant a device for a person to stumble into in order to make a decision based on morality.

That man being myself, it was only my instinct to do the what was honorable.

My Father taught me not to lie, steal, and cheat in life. I learned these valuable lessons when I was younger, developing me into an honorable man.

Once I found an iPod Photo when I was in sixth grade on an airplane and I was pumped, as a little 12-year-old should be. Immediately, my Father told me to go up to the flight attendant so that I could swallow my pride, and show humility by giving it back to her.

I never knew if that person got his or her iPod back, but I learned the value of honor.

Do the right thing because it is important. It may be hard because it is never easy. Honorability must be done to add positivity and gratuity to the world. Adding this notion to your life will astonish people and inspire people to do the same. Doing the right thing gives the world the poetic justice that we lack because it is easier to take those headphones than it is to find the rightful owner.

Sometimes the right thing is never the popular choice, but it should be your obligation and duty to do so as a human being.

As the human race, none of us are perfect. We make mistakes, but we always want to do right, and that can be hard for most.

But, it is never too late to do good in this world.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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