The Alluring Dark Twisted Reality of Technology.

There used to be a romanticism of a simple phone call, snail mailing a handwritten letter to your Grandfather or face to face interactions with people that you had never met before. In the ever-changing world of technological upgrades, there is no escape from the slight damages due to the bombardment of emails, text messages, and phone calls. There is no escape to absolute solitude, where one can find peace and quiet from the everyday anxiety.

Here is a challenge, take some deep thought to contemplate three ways that advancements in technology can be detrimental to relationships, the workplace, and overall mental health.

Here are just a few:

The first one is your personal life. This goes for all because it is only human nature to keep in touch with the network of the community of people around you. Waiting for messages and phone calls from a friend, loved one, family member and the pizza guy can create stirred emotions. That cannot be good for your mental health.

The next is your personal career. How many phone calls do you get from an employee or co-worker? Does your employer email you when you are away from work with a huge situation on the fold for you?
Imagine getting those good reps in at the gym and then suddenly your boss calls and hounds you with unnecessary things at that time. Yeah, not so nice.

Look back on the 90’s when the working class never had to bring work home with them like that. That type of peace and quiet is a rare serenity that we search subconsciously search for.

You can only imagine the slight attacks of anxiety when the phone rings. Some people keep their phones on silent mode to avoid such agitation.

Moving forward, do you just hate getting contacted from things besides your social life? I think there needs to be further discussion about the nuisance.

Technology makes it much easier to ignore anyone and anything which can ruin relationships, opportunities, and ruins overall human face to face interaction. This makes it very hard to deal with confrontation or honest emotions that stem from living truthfully through the moment when you are in a face to face moment in real time.

Moreover, there are ways that it has improved our lives, this is why we have advanced in technology in order to better our well being. Again after serious thought, we can come up with conclusions of just how.

Here are just three.

We are the only species to be able to perpetually increase the life expectancy. Technology doesn’t only connect us, but it also advances and prolongs life. The constant curiosity in medicine has prolonged human health with the assistance of technology. Humans are just naturally problem solvers.

Most importantly, look at IBM’s, Watson and other forms of artificial intelligence. AI is moving at an exponential rate where it may find forms of a cure for cancer. It has the possibility to perform surgery and replace thousands of jobs due to a zero percent chance of error.

Applications make it possible to never leave the house. Your phone makes it possible to get whatever you want from the bedside. Need a ride, pizza, and a Halloween costume? Yeah, you can find an app for that which will conveniently delivery it to your door. Now, you can still have a very productive sick day.

Think of how different life would be without feasting on Netflix. You can binge watch just about anything with just a click of a button. Streaming platforms may make television obsolete because of the ease of watching any show at any time. This goes along with music, videos, podcasts, and audiobooks.

We now have a magic wand in our pockets. Could you conceptualize Merlin doing any of this for King Arthur?

You can think of why technology is so amazing because it really is. Naturally adaptively evolving with technology through its perpetual innovation, humanity’s DNA is wired to solve problems.

Remember that now.

When mankind ignited its first fire, we created a tool. Whether it was a spear or hammer, paper, the telephone, and the internet we continue to grow.

Without technology, we won’t evolve.

Despite its slight impairments, this is the Tao of evolution for the human race and we need it in order to transform.

It is quite alluring. 

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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One thought on “The Alluring Dark Twisted Reality of Technology.

  1. Awesome article David! You brought up points that I havent even really considered. Usually when I think of the benefits of technology, I think more in terms of the connectivity it provides, but all the medical advancements are so amazing and shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s easy to get annoyed with technology because, like you mentioned, it can add lots of stress. I call it “life admin”. But theres so much to grateful for. Thanks for the post!


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