A Reminder of What Makes You (Me) Happy.

Happiness is the small tiny piece of tart strawberry rhubarb pie. It’s the best piece in the big delectable pie of enlightenment. In times of bedlam, we get hysterical, paranoid, and just get disinformed. We can control the things that we can, and we forget about how to take care of ourselves.

To note, we forget what makes us happy.

Happiness is hot Cheetos at the lake on a hot summer day.

Pancakes make me happy. But, making pancakes for Kaley makes me happier.

Whenever my dog Cooper finds me in the kitchen, only to discover that I’m just putting the dishes away. That makes me happy.

I like going for long walks along the lakes with her and Cooper, talking about cat strollers and wanting to eat Halloween candy.

Being in rhythm with you makes me happy.

Having a rhythm with life makes me happy.

We can all find some sort of “happy” right now.

It’s the only thing we can do other than pray.

Pistachios and a piping hot bowl of pho. Not together, but for separate reasons of indulgence.

What makes me happy? Little miracles. Smiles from strangers. Yeah, its what we do in Minnesota. Smile during the darkest winters, and say “sorry” to each other for unnecessary reasons.

Being from the North makes me happy. There is a sense of community here that is beyond any other in the US.

These are just somethings that make me grin.

Driving Kaley’s car is really fun too. Damn.

Going to Target for no reason. That is cool too.

Toasting crispy Banh mi’s for you and me. Never get’s old.

Watching hockey or any sports and then hearing the door open as you come home. It gets me so excited that I forget what I’m watching.

I’m also a big fan of cue tips—white ones and not pink ones. The white ones are the best.

Flossing makes me happy for some reason.

Talking to my parents on the phone frequently is something that I appreciate. It may be stressful for me at times, but I have a relationship with them, and they love me. This is something that I remind myself that I’m happy about whenever I hang up with them.

Al Michaels’ voice. Mark Rosen on the radio. Lebron James, for some reason.

Creating something and finishing it. One time, Kaley and I ripped out the lighting in our ceiling and installed a new lighting fixture. Handy DIY work is the best sense of accomplishment.

Tearing ice while playing hockey from doing a spinorama, then throwing a backhand top cheese bar down top tits. Celly celly celly. Even if its at the park against people who’ve never played hockey before.

My sister makes me happy. She is just the best. She made me tamales for this quarantine, and I gave her toilet paper. It’s been a good trade.

The way you get excited for Tennessee hot chicken.

I think Kaley just makes me happy. Yup. Good thing that I’m marrying her.

Doughnuts from Bogart’s. I always like buying them and then handing them out to random people. It’s so much fun.

There is this video on my phone where Marty McFly, my kitty cat, is playing with my pizza trying to eat it. Hilarious, right? My cat loves pizza, and so do I.

Kitty cat makes me happy. I didn’t know that adopting a pet was considered “rescuing.” That makes my heart warm.

This was a good thing to do. Think for 20 minutes of what makes you happy. We are so focused on this COVID-19, going bananas over something we can’t control. If we go crazy, then humanity will lose.

Try to think of what makes you happy.

I hope this will help someone get out of their funk.

Remember, hitting a home run off of a breaking curveball always leads to a massive upper deck home run.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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