My Rebranding Challenge for Omnetics.

Recently, a future employer wanted me to send them 300 words or less on how I would rebrand the company. Omnetics is a cable cord connection company that creates cables for Military and Aeronautical uses. I wrote two renditions because I wanted to show my range as a writer and as a creative. One of them is crazy creative and the other is more traditional.


      Be Controversial, and Dare To Be Different. 

Let’s go crazy. Why? The objective of advertising is to drive PR to your company. So, let’s envision a drastic rebrand. Omnetics is hiding behind their strongest brand truths of controversy, and how badass the products are.  Embrace those truths. It’s time to diversify the traditional way of content creation and to integrate it into new channels. Let’s implement Virtual and Augmented Reality advertising to create brand interaction at trade shows, which is the most effective trend in advertising. Stark Industries is a more well-known company than Omnetics, and it is a fictional company that does the same thing in comic books. So, let’s do something crazy and partner with Marvel to make a comic book with their superheroes to promote your products. Or, partner with an off the wall company to create significant PR, establishing conversations that are compelling to today’s current culture. If is partnering with Poo Pouri, a poop company, then why can’t Omnetics partner with Coke? Have you ever thought about an activation stunt before? Picture fighter planes flying over Times Square, dropping connector chords over the tourists, landing safely with tiny parachutes. That will get people talking, and that is what you want. No more hiding behind closed doors. How about you produce a mini soap opera web series of connector cords who transform into robots that battle to find out what is the best product. It’s time to tell the story of your company that’s unique. Your biggest weapons are the controversy of morals of what you’re selling, and the fact that your products are badass. So, stop hiding it. If everyone knows who Omnetics is, then people in your target market will think of you guys as the easiest decision to make when purchasing connector cords through the psychological beauty of cognitive consonance. 


Building A Vision With Omnetics.

In the strategic process of rebranding, we need to focus on industry insights. It is essential to inspire a vision for what’s next in cord connection. 

When it comes to Omnetics’ voice, I foresee the company owning an inclusive tone that sets them apart from competitors. By positioning Omnetics as the industry leader, it will create personality, which many adversary’s lack. 

Think BMW: “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Omnetics: “Superior Connection.”

With competitors, there seems to be a classic case of insider jargon, where engineers are writing for other engineers that is hard to decode. Let’s shape a relatable, evocative voice & tone that focuses on inspiring colloquial language versus complex technical terminology. 

It is time to decode, simplify, and add sex appeal to the brand.

We need to build a vision that is more future-focused than anything and one else in the industry.  Let’s take inspiration from our customer case studies to illustrate just how our products improve military and aeronautical functions towards the future development of humanity. This is the beginning of how we can tell an amazing brand essence story to prospective B2B clients. 

Now is time to change the visual identity. Omnetic’s website, marketing materials, and design of the layouts portray a sterile personality. Competitors are no different. Something as simple as adding chic colors to a palette and layering in patterns and illustrations, infographics, and taking inspiration from beautiful design layouts could dramatically differentiate Omnetics. We can do this with a set of patterns involving color flecks and playful dials that adds a human touch to the technical industry.

Let’s create a spokesperson to create character. 

Let’s create a new logo and get away from wordmarks to tell a story.

Let’s implement playful photography to get away from industry-standard stock photos.

It is time to create a splash for the launch of a new brand.

What do you think is the better direction to go for a minutiae brand?


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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    Also, when Sam conveniently interrupted Gilly 🙂 🙂 I can’t wait for that recollection. Speaking of which, how do you guys think Sam will feel/react about his father and brother’s deaths? And knowing it was his bff’s new bae that did it?

    If Sam knows about the legend of the PWWP, he hasn’t linked it to Jon. So knowing the information Gilly is going on about is meaningless for him. It will have meaning later.He will react by making sure his mother and sister are protected. And since Dany is not Jons bae, I don’t see a problem. It will be tho when he connects Dany with the killing and realizes Jon is on her side. ashQuote Reply


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