Day 3 at CP+B Crash Course Journal.

There are reasons why a specific mold of people want to pursue a career in advertising, but to start it in a place as magical as Disneyland is kind of surreal.

Alright, time to wake up and smell the peanut butter.

Synergy. Synergy. Synergy.

Whatever I can do to provide a powerful symbiosis, I will try my best, too do so. Today, we made great strides as a team, using small bits of advice from all departments to gear us towards what problems we are trying to solve for our client.

I pulled the other writer on the team aside today to touch base on our notes, and to walk around the creative department to meet other writers. She and I picked some of their brains and pulled some insights towards how they do things to find success in their campaigns.

One big takeaway is to attack the client brief from every angle and try to solve different problems with specific insights without being stuck on one thing. This is how they have landed on some of their successful campaigns, which is easier said than done because they put their distinct, stylized stamp on it.

As for me, I am slowly getting into my routine. Having no car is really putting a damper on my freedom here, and is adding to my anxiety because I have to rely on other people to get around.

Working out for the past two days has been centering my mind, and creating a routine for me.

Today was a better day for the team. Things are off to a slow start, but hopefully, it will this is the direction we need to go in.

I am very nervous about our first meeting with our CD tomorrow. It will be my first one of my career, and I feel like I’m not in the right place for it because it has been two days and we haven’t come to an agreement yet on what the problems are. Personally, I think we are overthinking it from a strategic standpoint. Here is the basis for what needs to happen.

  1. In order to solve malnutrition, we need to inform people about it. Because most people know its there, but don’t know how severe it is. Therefore, we need to educate people interestingly and compellingly.
  2. Most people buy PB based on taste. If people can’t taste it, then they won’t buy it. How might we get people to taste the stuff in a cool way?
  3. How can we make people believe that this PB tastes the best?
  4. How can we stop people in the aisle to not buy PB, but to buy it on Amazon?
  5. We aren’t selling PB, we are selling a gateway to ending Severe Acute Malnutrition. PB is just the driving vehicle to solving the problem while filling our stomachs. Feel good, taste good, do good.

I really believe that if we use those guidelines, we can make a great campaign. Then we need to use the insights that we find to further strengthen the campaign and drive results.

But, with those five points, we still need to sell PB at the end of the day.

The next step is to see how other brands succeed, and how we can do something different to create an even stronger emotional content for the masses in order for our brand to change their behavior in our culture.

Man, someone asked me what I was doing this weekend, and I had no idea how to answer that.

This is the only thing that is on my mind right now, and I hope I’ll have time to enjoy this Colorado summer.

Alright. I’m announcing that my honeymoon phase is over after three days. I’m not in Disneyland, I am at the greatest advertising agency in the world and I need to perform.

I have nothing but no greater expectation for myself and my team to come up with the next Subservient Chicken.

Tomorrow is going to be wild. We will see where the CD takes us, and hopefully, it will be a day of ideating, concepting, and creating. Time to hit the hay.

Sweet dreams, Boulder.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite, Minneapolis.

Hug the fur babies for me, Kaley pie.



“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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