30 Ads in 30 Days – Ad 29 – Mini Cooper.

Jeremy Carson, a Creative Director, based in LA, wrote an article of why you should challenge yourself to make 30 ads in 30 days with 30 different brands. This sounded like a fun challenge. For today, I chose to do Mini Cooper. I wanted it to look like a Mini Cooper ad, so I chose a layout from them. My goal in this ad is to talk to couples entering retirement, ages from 40-65. Specifically, these people have more disposable income and do not have children living in their houses anymore, needing a great way to start the next chapter in their lives. A lot of couples renew their vows to celebrate. But, with a Mini Cooper, there is no need for that.

Here is ad 29 of 30.


What do you think?


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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