Why You Need To Watch “Adult World.”

You can’t escape being naïve no matter how mature you think you are; there is always something you don’t know or understand. Adult World is an honest clash between what being youthful, naïve, and optimistic versus being aged, cynical, and pessimistic.
The logline states:

“While working at a sex shop to make ends meet, recent college grad Am pursues her dream of becoming a famous poet – and stalks her punk poet idol.”

This film is yet another satire that I am suggesting. This is a story about sheltered kids who have been smothered with praise their whole lives to only step out into the real adult world to realize that their pre-conceived notion about life that they had doesn’t really match up to actual reality.

Emma Roberts, who plays a persistent, annoying, and naïve girl, is at her best in this film. Her biggest dream is to be a famous poet. Yet, that is all she wants to be is famous. Her character doesn’t understand what fame is and the disease that it truly is. She becomes a protégé to John Cusack’s character, Rat Billings, her poet-hero. His role represents the black plague that fame brings to you in your youth. He has become reclusive, cynical, pessimistic, and old despite being a famous poet yet, Amy wants to be exactly like him.

The casting in this film brings a great dynamic to the story. Although Amy is annoying and she isn’t irritating for us to be sympathetic, but to only be portrayed that way for the viewer’s amusement. If people understood this, then I think more people would enjoy the film because that issue is the reason why people either love or hate this film.

If you like Evan Peters and “quiet guy” love stories, where the good nice guy wins in the end then this film is for you. Seriously, the kiss between Evan Peters and Emma Roberts in this film may be one of the best kisses you will see in an indie film.

The most important thing you can learn from this film is that if a person goes through life doing everything for themselves, they will be unhappy. You have to have a more significant cause other than yourself. Amy only writes poetry to show off to other people so she can be famous. Once she learns that she needs to give to a more significant cause other than herself, then she begins to find her enlightenment. You shouldn’t ever do things just for yourself because you will be left broken inside. But, if we find a greater cause to continually give to then we as human beings can see a definite sense of direction in life.

This is a good film for all kinds of people. It is an excellent coming of age satire that keeps you very intrigued during the whole movie. Adult World is fresh and contrasting, and that is why I think you will enjoy it.

What do you think?


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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