30 Ads in 30 Days – Ad 28 – MNUFC Loons.

Jeremy Carson, a Creative Director, based in LA, wrote an article of why you should challenge yourself to make 30 ads in 30 days with 30 different brands. This sounded like a fun challenge. For today, I choose to do the Minnesota United Football Club, nicknamed the Loons. Their unofficial mascot is the state bird of Minnesota, known for its beautiful voice. They are typically found singing in Northern Minnesota on the lakes, and at every MNUFC game the fans do a lot of singing. The fans are known to sing “Wonderwall,” by Oasis, during every game. Singing this song in the right key is a lot easier to sing in key than it is to sing with a loon. These are all truths. In advertising, if you write a headline with a question, you want to make people think rather than answering “yes” or “no.”

Here is ad 28 of 30.



What do you think?


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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