Writing an Advertising Client Brief: Mini Cooper.

A creative director gave me the assignment to write a client brief for Mini Cooper. In ad school, you take a strategy course. In this type of class, you research a company, and then you find a target demographic, create a tone, and choose your tactics to start building your campaign. All campaigns stem from the client brief because it is the blueprint for creating good executions. Here is my brief for Mini Cooper:



Mini Cooper sells an iconic affordable luxury-esque vehicle, distinct with its size, maneuverability, and its personality in pop culture.



MC has been successful with branding its strengths to consumers: fun, fuel efficient, color, size, and being cool. It is fun car that gives a liberal meaning to luxury, as opposed to status. It playfully reflects its owner’s personality, saying that they are fun and cool.



Because of this reputation, they have built a following over the past several decades. With its affordability, customization, and resale value, it can be the perfect gift for your spouse, post-retirement, or 25 + year anniversary. A MC can spice up any marriage because of its personality. In other words, MC wants to make itself the perfect mid-life car.



MC isn’t defined by age, gender, or income. It is all about mindset. MC wants to sell this mindset to married couples from 40-60, whose children have moved out, entering retirement and would wish to re-adopt the mentality of their youth. MC would like to capitalize on the demographic of people who make big-time purchases such as boats, motorcycles, vacation homes that resurrects the excitement of their midlife and marriage.



Be bold. This car can spice up, add, save, and is the perfect addition to your marriage heading into retirement. Another plus is it also can show your kids that you are cool.


How do we want to say it?

“Live Fast. Die Old.”



Mini Cooper is inviting this demographic to enter this fun world at this exciting time of their lives. It is the perfect purchase for the next phase of your life that will help you revisit the feelings you had with your spouse when you were younger.



Witty, irreverent, fun.



OOH, Print, TV, Radio, Digital


Do you think this client brief will create a good basis for a campaign? What do I need to add to this launching pad?



“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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