Skolz(os): Vikes Win vs Jets. MPLS Miracle Rematch.

Winning feels great, doesn’t it? Especially when you are on a three-game tear. But, what feels better than three in a row?

Four in a row.

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Everything was going against the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday versus the New York Jets. We struggled with being on the road, the wind, and injuries. Oh, and yes, we struggled with field goal kicking once again. But, the Vikings battled through adversity and won a game that they should have won. It was a business trip and they closed the deal. We as fans should be proud of our men.

Moreover, the Vikings still need to play better, as we have not hit our fullest potential on both sides of the ball yet.

On to primetime against the New Orleans Saints.

There has been a quiet rivalry brewing in the NFL, going unnoticed since the classic 2009 NFC Championship game. In the upcoming matchup, the Saints will be looking for revenge, and the Vikings are looking to prove last year’s playoff win was not a fluke.

Revenge is more fearful than trying to prove oneself.

The Vikings have many variables going against them such as injuries, a mediocre offensive line, and backups having to step up on defense. The New Orleans Saints are an offensive juggernaut and can be scary on defense. But, the Vikes have two variables that can aid them to victory. Yes, his name is Kirk Cousins. This is his next big chance to show us that he can win the big game for the Vikings. The next variable is home field advantage. The Saints cannot come in and push The Purple around at home. Look for the fans to make a big difference on Sunday.

The Narrative.

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We can talk about our defense and what they can overcome by playing lights out, but the probability of that happening is 35/65. This game will be all about offense. If Latavius Murray runs for a minimum of 100 yards, we have a high probability of winning. Luckily, he is on a roll. Since his running game is based on momentum, look for a big primetime game from him.

Thielen is hot, and Stefon Diggs has historically had bigtime games on Sunday Night Football. It is just a matter of putting the ball in their hands. So, show us the money, Kirk! This is what the front office is paying him for, and historically he has been mediocre on primetime games. But, that was with a mediocre Washington team. Hopefully, it will be a different story with the Minnesota Vikings.

So, what is the narrative in which the NFL wants for Sunday’s showdown?

The New Orleans Saints look for revenge as the Vikings try to prove that their win last year in the playoffs wasn’t a miracle. There is a new sheriff in town named Kirk Cousins, ready to gun sling, shot for shot with an outlaw named Drew Brees. Will the Vikings prevent an old western train robbery?

The NFL wants a shootout, and that is what it will be. There will be many flags thrown on both defensive teams, and the game will be determined by special teams and how well their quarterback plays.

Lastly, this will be Adam Thielen’s breakout game on national TV, but do not count out Stefon Diggs to have 100 yards either.


Vikes 42 – Saints 35

Boom. Boom. SKOL.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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