Skolz(os): Analysis on The Vikes Win Against Philly. On to Arizona.

Listening to NFL analysts, it’s never about how the Vikings won. It’s always about how the other team lost and what is wrong with them. Well, the Vikings won so here are my thoughts.
First things first, our defense seems to be getting on the right track and our running game is coming along with the right play calling. This was John Defilippo’s best day of play calling for this season. He needs to keep this up, further continuing to improve the run game for the Vikes.
Image result for linval joseph touchdown
Linval Joseph’s touchdown will be the play that turns our season completely around. His defensive effort will uplift the morale of not only our defense but the whole team. This was the big play that our team needed, and it will propel us with the confidence we need to take care of business for the remainder of the year.
But, our victory against the Eagles is in the past and we have to focus on our next game against Arizona. We cannot let them come into our house with a rookie quarterback and push us around. The Vikings need a huge defensive win, only allowing less than 10 points.
What happened against Buffalo cannot happen again this weekend.
We need to run all over this Arizona defense. As I have mentioned previously, if we can rush for 200 yards between Latavius Murray and Dalvin Cook, we will be able to win every game for the remainder of this season.
This Vikings team needs a blowout win in order to soar with confidence for the next phase of the season.
Vikings 35 – Cardinals 7.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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