Traveling “Zos Style” Part 4 (Seattle and Portland).

Here I present to you a four-part series where I share with you my journal from my travels. I travel a lot, so I thought I would start seriously blogging about it. Here we go! This is the third installment of this series.If you didn’t read part 1, click here for the link.  Here is the link to part 2 as well. Last, here is the link to part 3. 

Day four of my trip started off at the brink of sunset. My friend Shepard and I got up very early and prepared for our trek back northbound to Seattle.

Since I travel for life experiences and meeting people native to the city, I do not travel to spend all of my money on food, and luxurious tourist experiences. Before we left, I ate all of my leftovers from the previous days. Have you ever had mac and cheese for breakfast before? It is an amazing breakfast food.

The drive from Portland to Seattle is to die for. It is quite the opposite drive from Minnesota to Chicago, where you have to drive through that atrocious state called Wisconsin.


The trees, mountains, rivers and these tiny log towns were quite the sights to see. Being from Minneapolis, a region where there are no mountains, I really came to appreciate mountains for the first time in my life. I saw mountains many times as a child, but that doesn’t process in your brain during your youth.

Road trips are great. The way you pack, talk, pass the time and create memories together creates a beautiful experience. Shepard and I made the most of it, that is for sure. When we arrived in Seattle, we stopped and parked the car at Angle Lake Station, hopped on a train to Pikes Place Market, and explored the city.

Prior to the trip, I stole a tangerine from Shepard’s cabinet. I knew he wouldn’t care, but I needed it for travel survival purposes as I was down to less than 100 dollars. Remember, I left for this trip with only 300 dollars in cash.


Seattle Gum Wall

Why am I so daring?

After me and Shepard went our separate ways, I worried if he was going to get back to Angle Lake because he had no money for a train ticket. That only meant that he had to try to sneak on the train without getting caught.

Granted that I do this all of the time when I travel, I have seen people on trains in Germany get arrested. This is serious because I see the same in other countries as well. Please make sure you pay for public transportation.

Due to that, I have not heard from Shepard since I last saw him.

I wrote about Shepard a while back. Here is the link to the article that I wrote about him.

As I walked back to the hostel, I became anxious about whom I would meet that night. A night in a hostel with the right attitude can lead to a great time.

The hostel that I stayed in was the Green Tortoise Hostel.


This place is great. They had tacos for dinner, eggs for breakfast, and the coziest rooms. If you have ever traveled in hostels before, you would know that a lounge is a great place for stimulating conversation with foreigners. Lounges can introduce you to people from all over the world. On this trip, I met people from Australia, Germany, England, and Canada. From the US alone, I met people from Georgia, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Dallas. Lounges are insane.

That was quite the night.

Then the night had to end.

On my last day there I knew there was only one thing that I needed to do to make my voyage out to Seattle a little bit better than any other excursion that I’ve been on.

I went to see the Bruce and Brandon Lee gravesite. It is essential that you pay respects for Bruce Lee, the definition of a legendary dragon.

The man was a superhero, he could do thousands of pushups, and he invented a new form of Kung Fu called, “Jeet Kun do.”

Bruce Lee is a whole other topic of conversation, but yes if you go to Seattle, you should see how surreal the feeling to be around in the presence of these two men. Why? Well, they are both legends in their own right.

Bruce Lee was the first ever international movie star, who brought the east and west together, and that is why he is a top 50 iconic legend in my personal bias opinion.

After my spiritual upbringing at their gravesite, I headed back to Pikes Place Market to further explore the culture there. As I was walking up and down the market on both sides of the street, I noticed that there were only four fish markets there, so the folklore of the major fish markets that you have to see diminished for me. This is because I had this pre-conceived idea that the whole market was going to be fluttered with fish and people throwing them around like they were baseballs.

The funny thing was that if you purchased a fish, they would ship it back to you, which answered my question as a tourist if you were to buy a fish. I always thought if you bought a fish that it wouldn’t make any sense because it would be difficult to cook it right away. But, it all makes sense due to the tourism demands.

When you buy a fish or any seafood, you give the showmen of the fishmarket your card or cash, then they put it in a tennis ball, and they slide it in the ball and throw it to the cashier, then the cashier gets a fish thrown at him and packages it. Then he or she throws the ball back, then BOOM, you have a fish sent back to you.

You would think that it would be a lot cheaper to buy fish there, but you are buying the experience and the novelty of having a fish from the famous market in Seattle.

Ironically, I met a girl from St. Paul and she and I got to talking. She was super cute, and her name was Abbie. She told me that she moved out to Seattle because she fell in love with the markets and wanted to be around that atmosphere all of the time. She loved her job selling fish, and that was ever so inspiring. Abbie was a show woman about fish and could throw a mean tennis ball.

Although I didn’t purchase any fish from her, she gave me a lot of free smoked salmon because I used my charm to swindle her for free stuff. Just kidding.

This is where I smirk and do an eyebrow raise or two.

After my final hurrah at the market, it was time to finish my wine in my hostel and prepare to go home.

In conclusion, most people travel for food, luxury, Instagram posts, or any of that basic stuff. I travel for survival. I travel for thrills, meeting characters like Issak, beautiful people who give free front row tickets to Intelectual Digital Music Concerts, and for the challenge.

Yes, I want to find those lost evenings and last minutes when you are in a foreign city. I went to Seattle with only 300 dollars in cash with no credit cards, and I made it work even with no sure place to stay. I couldn’t have done it without the fantastic people that I met to make this happen. Although this is not the first time that I have done this, I had to make sure that I documented it so that I would be able to give people a new perspective on how to travel outside of the box.

When you put The Zos in the corner, he will come out victorious with all of the best stories to tell.

I live life for experiences like this, as some of us should. This is why I travel every three months to learn about myself, life and most importantly people and their culture.

May my words inspire you to do something amazing.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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