Begin to Bounce Back from Your Breakup in 14 days.

After a separation, things change. Either for the better or for the worst, the transition period is still very difficult. Being away from your ex and on your own is a very emotional experience, regardless of what the stipulations of the break up are. Everyone is different, but for some, it is hard to get over someone, and for others the transition period is difficult. Last, we all want to come out of these times becoming a better version of ourselves, or at least we should have that mentality. This separation time and anxiety can last one hour to one month, maybe a year. I want to write more about relationships, as I have been heartsick my entire life. Here are some effective methods that I have discovered that can shorten that transition period that will set you up for a triumphant success, further becoming your best self.

1. Re-connect with old friends.
While in relationships, we tend to be more stuck on each other and in a lot of cases we forget to stay in touch with our closest friends. This is a major exception for “ghosting”. Moreover, make more time for friends, and rebuild a positive community of people around your life.

2. Exercise.
Running, lifting, physical activities, and competition releases powerful endorphins in your brain that relieve stress, anger, anxiety, and is good for your overall mental health. When separated from your ex, make it a goal to go to the gym 12 times a month.

3. Do different things.
Monotony is a bad habit that we can fall into, especially during a longterm relationship. We either stay in this routine or forget to do so because we are very depressed. Staying in a monotonous routine can easily reignite sensory signatures in your brain that reminds you of your ex-partner. Create a strategy and start a new lifestyle that will excite you. Here is one of my previous articles that expands more on this topic. 

4. Go on an adventure.
This is one of my favorite ones to do after a breakup because the sky is the limit on this. You can find something fun to do at home or abroad. Vacation is vital in our lives. It gives us something to look forward to and is also perception changing because of all of the adventure that it ensues.

5. Change your routine geared towards chores and errands.
Seriously, if you aren’t doing the dishes and taking out the trash, or incorporating more productive things into your daily routine then there is no way you can have the satisfaction of those small victories.

6. Go and hit on someone as a confidence boost.
When you are ready and the time is right based on your own judgment, go and put yourself out there again so that you can take those tiny baby steps of moving on. Who cares if you fall on your face. As for me, I always do this with someone out of my league because it helps me get over a lot of fear in my life.

7. Treat yourself (one time only pass).
This method can be abused so play this card wisely. Give yourself a one time pass, and purchase something that you have always wanted that you know will make you happier. Limit yourself to a budget and to one thing. Usually, I purchase a pair of Air Jordan’s because wearing them makes me feel like an absolute baller.

8. Dress better.
That is right, you’re new on the market. So, it only makes sense to impress by the way you dress.

9. Start a passion project (I write).
Since there is a void in your life, you need to fill it fast. That is why it is so effective to substitute that with something that you will always love and be there for you. No, not pizza. For instance, nothing can stop me from writing. This is a period where I am the most productive and I write close to 5,000 words a day. After my biggest breakup, I wrote 31 blog posts about movies in one month.

10. Do not try to have sex with someone right away.
Use this time to work on yourself. We all need to heal. Once you are ready, it will be right. If you go and do this right away, there is really nothing good that will come out of it. It only will make you feel worse and unveil your greatest insecurities.

These ten things that I have discovered, need to be accomplished in the first 14 days of being single. If you do not act on this, then your suffering of the heartbreak will be worse. After you do this method during the first two week period, you will feel a lot better and it may cure you right away of that broken heart. Overall this will set you up for success in becoming the best you.

Resilience, that is the key.

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“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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