Stop This $#@!% Do Different This Week!

Are you tired of the same old shit? Doesn’t waking up, going to work, and all that jazz stir up the monotony of your life? Ninety-nine percent of us lead pretty repetitive lives to some consistent extent.

We see and talk to the same people. We go to work at the same time and place. We go to the same bars. We live in the same house. This list can ensue, but this is what insanity is.

A lot of us are photosynthesizing, and watching paint dry on the wall right now.

So, let’s not do the same thing and get the same result. But, if you’re insane then you would be trying to do the same thing in order to get a different result. That is what insanity is presented to us in a society based on that idiom or metaphor type statement. The best example that I can think of is the life of work, where we clock in and do our work and then we get our paychecks. But, we think that after working hard for so long that we will get a promotion or that it will lead to another opportunity.



Black Panther is the first film that is different from anything that we have seen. Go see it and find out.


But, wouldn’t it be a little crazy to do different things in order to achieve different results? To be honest, we all want different results but we all do the same thing over and over again, obtaining the same reward, like a paycheck.

The people who succeed in environments like this are ones who think and do things differently, and that is why they get different results rather than just a simple paycheck. Yes, we are all insane if we are monotonous.

That stuff gets old.

From a personal standpoint, I don’t do anything the same. This is why my life is fascinating, not to brag. People always tell me that I always have the craziest stories, encounters, and events in my life. This is because I do things, think, and act differently.

But, the problem that I am having now is that my life is becoming more monotonous and it is driving me insane. How do people deal with this? Is this a brainwashing trap that people walk into?

Stop drinking alcohol this week. Eat a different cuisine. Hangout with someone old or new. Go on a date. Take a chance. Wake up at five in the morning. Go to the movie theatre. Try to do one new thing a day that is for yourself and that is out of the ordinary, whether it is in work life or in your personal life. Who cares, dare to be different for five fucking seconds of your life.

Going out of your comfort zone is refreshing and it gives your life perspective. I always tell people that sometimes if you try something new, life will reward you. For me, this is true.

So let’s be young, say yes, and be crass enough to step over the line and make serendipitous mistakes that we may or may not learn from. Taking chances by stepping outside will provide a beautiful energy to give us that boost that we need in the war of mankind versus monotony.

I want to call an old friend that I haven’t spoken to in 10 years this week and see what he or she is up to. For it is absolutely magnificent to see how others are doing. Personally, I have never eaten Indian food before, maybe I will go do that. Black Panther seems like a cool film, and I have never seen a movie in a theater by myself before.

So why not?

Life is too long to just dance to one tune, so let’s change the channel on the radio scanning the sun from the moon.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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