Romance, Marriage, Muses, and the Two Josephine’s.

Love is bliss, marriage is glorious, and harmony is powerful. Some of history’s greatest figures, Napolean and Beethoven, did not just become the icons that they are because of talent alone. They may have come up in solitude, but they took off when they fell in love, then proceeded to take the world by storm once they married a woman named Josephine. Marriage really has become a dying institution, with many divorces and forgotten children in our era of history in the United States, the story of the “Two Josephine’s” is one that should be told as a reminder of the power of marriage.

Napolean and Beethoven had a major love-hate relationship, especially because during each of their primes they both had contradictory opinions about governing Europe that either favored or disagreed with each other. Most notably, during Beethoven’s “Heroic Period” was when Napolean instilled the idea of democracy in France after the revolution. Behind all of this were two love interests, a piano student named Josephine, and Empress Josephine. Each Josephine has been credited throughout history as the driving force behind these men.



Empress Josephine, Napolean’s first wife.


They were not the primary romantic figures during the majority of each adversary’s lives, but they were the most crucial. They say behind every man is an even more powerful woman. As a cliche, selfish, and uneven as that sounds, men would be nothing without women. Personally, I do not like that saying but it is hard to disagree with the validity. Without these two Josephine’s, these men wouldn’t have been conquerors and the rulers in their own perspective divine right. Government and music would be so different today if it wasn’t for these two women who brought out the best in these men, and no one really makes a big note out of this.

The Two Josephine’s are just a small part of history as a mere footnote, and that isn’t just. There should be more information about these two women and their relationships with their respective counterparts.



Although they never married, Josephine was Beethoven’s greatest muse.


The moral is that marriage brings a lot of powerful things because a man and a wife should bring out the best in each other. Maybe we are forgetting that more and more in this day and age because we seem to be giving up on people these days. The divorce rate is up to a scary 50% in America and growing.

Imagine if Napolean had couples therapy back then, and he never divorced Empress Josephine. He probably would have never made so many irrational military decisions in the latter of his career. If there was online couples counseling, the world would be a lot different today, because he started to go downhill after he remarried with Marie Louise of Austria.

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A lot of marriages are failing these days and I believe that it is destroying society. Children are the ones who become the most at danger when this happens. It breaks my heart every single time I find out that someone is getting divorced because marriage is a commitment and with that, it can be one of the most powerful polymerizations ever because it is all about teamwork. Moreover, divorce would destroy me. Many marriages would be better if the husband and the wife clearly understood that they are on the same side.

We all need our Beethoven or Josephine to stand beside each other, and that can either take us to fly far or crash. We need more flight in this world. As for me, come on now Josephine, show yourself to me.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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