My Confidance Friend From Chicago.

Her name is Ziba. Try to pronounce that name without messing it up, and yes she is amazing just like her name. She is one of those very few people who smile when they speak. Her name starts with the letter Z, and just like the letter she will always have your back.

My friend Ziba lives in Chicago and she owns an awesome dance company! It has amazing wordplay. Ziba calls it, “Confidance Chicago”. I really wish that I could think of something that amazing.

Ziba is one of the most confident upstanding people that you can meet, and for her to teach a confidence class through the art of dance is wonderful. I have a friend who teaches classes on how to be confident but is disguised as a hip-hop dance class. How cool is that?

Since I live far from Chicago, I can’t ever take one of her classes. Which brings up the problem for this article in which I wouldn’t know what I’m writing about. Therefore, I need to take this class because it is so amazing to know that someone out there in this world has the strength, energy, and charisma to do this.

My plan is to attend one of her classes when I go to Chicago next. Then, I will write more into detail about what I know about Confidance Chicago.

I love it when my friends do cool things and tell me about it. So, it is only right to be supportive in big and small ways. I have talked to Ziba about Confidance Chicago plenty of times, and I even saw her during my last visit in December. That is a way of being supportive, but now I am ready to take the next step forward by taking a class.

I can’t wait to meet people who are taking her classes, to see her studio, and for the post-class discussion. Self-reflecting is very important for having good and well balanced mental health. A lot of self-reflection can be visualized through dancing, and with hip-hop music becoming the most popular music that is dominating the game right now, she could possibly start a chain of dance factories all over the US. This is because of the need due to the growing demand of people wanting to learn how to dance with hip-hop music.

Imagine the lights. Confidance “Your City Here”.

There is so much potential in this opportunity that she created for herself. I can’t wait to see it grow, and I want to do my best to help her spread the good word about her mission. This is why I need to take one of her classes, which makes me so ecstatic because even I need a confidence boost.

We all need a boost in confidence in our lives. This is why we should all do something different and try new things. I haven’t taken a dance class since high school, and dancing isn’t a regular thing for me like when it was when I was going to school.

Anyway, the next time that you find yourself in Chicago, be sure to check out one of her dance classes! You can find out more about her dance company here at

Keep reading so that I can keep you posted about my experience of taking a dance class from my amazing friend Ziba.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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