Enjoy the Journey, Embrace the Heartbreak.

There is no such thing as a guaranteed happy ending that pertains to our lives. Humans all walk around with the weight of past failures, present hardships, and future heartbreak upon their shoulders. Life brings many dimensions such as risk-taking, relationships, and new beginnings. Within these three views of life, they all begin with moving forward through a journey. Some of them end, and others last. Heartbreak may seem terrible, but if we can look back and enjoy the journey with the strength to endure the moment, then heartbreak can be the most beautiful feeling ever.

Taylor Swift and her family got up and moved from Pennsylvania to Nashville when she was very young as she pursued a dream amongst many others who did the same in the Music City. As audacious as she and her family were, there was still a fear somewhere in the back of their minds that this action could be all for nothing. Many musicians fail in Nashville, but many thrive. Her parents knew that they needed to sacrifice everything to help their daughter pursue her dreams because they didn’t want to know what it was like to not have taken this chance. Buried in the backs of minds of many artists and struggling musicians all over the world, there is a fear of heartbreak and failure while they pursue their dreams. But, the journey outweighs all of the failures, hardship, and heartbreak. Even if the pursuit was a bad experience, at least one can have the courage to face fear eye to eye and go for something that they wanted.


Nothing is more admirable.

Relationships are hard. They either end or you spend the rest of your life with this one special person, with the slight chance of failure. Nothing is for certain. Many break-ups occur and radios, love letters, grand gestures, and rocks are thrown at windows, but at least someone does something about it. The time spent, hands that were held, and the long slow wet kisses aren’t even the best part. It is the missing of one, heartbreak, and sadness in our hearts that we should embrace because of the beauty of the adventure is what makes a relationship with a loved one truly amazing. This goes with any relationship, from even a glance at a stranger, a 90-hour hostel romance with a foreigner, a two-week fling, and even with the hardships of an everlasting marriage is what makes it bittersweet. It is slow ever fading forgetfulness about the other person is the worst part.

A door opening to another chapter can be exhilarating, leading to great optimism and opportunity. But, the problems from the last chapter that you had in your life will always follow you. What is most important to remember is that we must embrace what is ahead in this new chapter. Yes, and heartbreak, hardships, and failure could be lurking in that direction. But, so is momentum and success because nothing is a sure thing. Failure gorgeous because we only can learn from it and rise harder and stronger.

No matter what, all past failures, heartache, and hardships that we go through whether it is in relationships, risk-taking, or in a new chapter, they are there to provide a strong foundation in order to set us up for success to create a new level of life fulfillment. It is always easy to enjoy the journey when things go well, but it is difficult to keep that mindset when they go awry. But, those convictions can teach us a lot. It is hard to enjoy our journey if we ignore the struggle because, without failure or heartache, we cannot enjoy our successes whenever that moment arises. When that aching feeling happens, it is imperative that we look back and enjoy the journey with the strength to endure the moment, then heartbreak can be the most bittersweet.

Because in the end, the journey outweighs all of the pain.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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