You Are The Common Denominator.

Pessimism is a detriment to anyone’s aura because it is the greatest disability in life. Making excuses and blaming bad situations on others/circumstances rather owning up to your actions and trying to control the hardships to the best of our abilities with a positive attitude. We need to know that despite our struggles and bad luck that we (you) are the common denominator. Yes, that is right because we are the dependent variable that will always be there in every situation. Kurt Vonnegut has an amazing philosophy towards this point in which we complain and dramatize our pain and adversities in our lives in “Slaughterhouse Five”. Back then, my high school athletic director didn’t care about my hazardous relationship with this “moronical” maniac. On the contrary, the fact that we all are victims of our problems isn’t true. This ideology makes us realize that we are the reason for the downfall and that it is irrelevant to point your fingers at anything else. In order to prevent and overcome, we need to have acceptance and march forward with a strategically positive attitude.


Looking back, playing hockey for a powerhouse program, and with that competitive environment, there were major problems. Since I did not know how to handle this older kid who was giving me a plethora of problems, let’s call him Moron, parents were concerned for me which lead to them bringing it up with the athletic director. This moron actually would never leave me alone because he was my oppressor. It was that bad. The worst part was that the AD did not care because I remember sitting in his office and he said that everything was my fault and whatever I was doing to attract this attention was all on me.

The AD told me to figure it out and then to get out of his office, offering no advice on how to deal with it. How does a 17-year-old figure that out? I was the common denominator in this scenario for three years. Now when I look back on that situation, I pity Moron because it is so unfortunate that someone could be that insecure to treat another person that way. It is quite pathetic.

I am so much stronger now because the journey brings a joy that outweighs the pain.

Continuing on this idea, author Kurt Vonnegut writes in “Slaughterhouse Five” in one of his most famous illustrations in his novels writes, “Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt” on a gravestone. Goodness, doesn’t that strike a chord with you? We spend all of our lives complaining and dramatizing all of our problems, and when our lives end we come to peace if we are lucky, realizing how we got that opportunity to live and experience all of the heartbreak, struggle, and pain. The only thing in life that is guaranteed is death. But, it is extremely difficult to stop complaining about your issues or anything in life, but it is good to know that all of the pain is quite a dubiously beautiful thing because one day it will all go away and it won’t hurt anymore.

We as human beings need to come to face the actualization that the individual is the common denominator and that the oppression comes from the independent variable. Your actions will cause an equal or greater reaction to any situation. You are the master of your own domain and the captain of your own ship. So be quick, wise, and make your next move to set yourself up to steer the ship in order to prosper the day.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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