Don’t Be A “Schrute”.


1. one who brings others down for personal gain; specifically when one is on the downfall.
his schrute intentions were carried out; the coach was schrute as he benched his star player knowing that he was going to be fired.

This word will be submitted to the Oxford English in order to cement it in the English language. There is no exact word for a person who commits actions like this and it is about time in the history of the world’s most common language that there is a single word that describes this very demeaning, petulant, and Machiavellian action.

After seeing future Hall of Fame quarterback Eli Manning benched after 200 plus starts for one week, then being named as the starter after Ben McAdoo was fired in the following week, one can only speculate that there was a spiteful hidden agenda that McAdoo had. Why would you bench your Hall of Fame quarterback when you have no prospects in your pipeline? This may be a bias opinion but, one can speculate that there was something going on sub rosa.


Due to his inability to win football games, Ben McAdoo knew that he was going to be fired eventually during the year. There was no doubt about it. We do not know the motive behind the benching of his quarterback, but it seems that McAdoo was dragging Eli Manning down with him. A selfish act only to get his last gasp of New York City publicity in order to set himself up for a small market or well-paying college football job, as he looked powerful and intelligent for benching a hall of fame quarterback, which snapped his consecutive start streak.

Ben McAdoo was schrute towards Eli Manning due to the Giants losing record.

It is hard to form sentences with this new word, but it is still in its infancy, having vast potential.


The etymology of this word comes from the hit show, “The Office”, from everyone’s favorite character Dwight Schrute, who is the personification of this adjective. Throughout the ten year run of the show, he is on the ultimate conquest to become the regional manager, along with many other pursuits, taking down anyone down with him for his personal gain. But the thought-provoking inspiration in which the word stems from is from what happened between McAdoo, Eli Manning, and The New York Giants.

In order to prevent ourselves from being “schrute”, we all need to be on a quest of becoming universally benevolent, a philosophy that we all should practice anyway because it is good will.

Mo Tzu has a major impact on this philosophy on universal love, which bleeds heavily into the branch of universal benevolence. He emphasizes that if you are not universally benevolent then you are selfish seeking your own advantage, hence being schrute. When you are benevolent, you are are not selfish. When you are being schrute, you are being selfish, in which Mo Tzu believes that selfishness leads to theft, war, and injustice.

Screen shot 2017-12-06 at 3.22.37 PM.png

We need to really take to heart what the Chinese philosopher believes because love is the fundamental basis for living a benevolent life. In conclusion to this ideology, universal love is meant where there are no distinctions made between family, friends, and foes. It is only through love that you can get justice, and if we can find the love in our hearts to be a better people to all, then we can get justice towards the schrute.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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