A Rivalry That We Shouldn’t Worry Us; Robots vs Humans.

Ever since the Neanderthals faced off against humans thousands of years ago, Robots vs Humans could be the next and greatest rivalry of mankind. The AI Hollywood blockbusters are slowly becoming a reality ever since the film “Metropolis” portrayed the first ever robot on screen who unleashed chaos amongst its fictitious city workers. This may be one of the most relevant films in cinematic history because of all of its futuristic themes that have predicted modern day issues back in 1926 when it was released.


Here they are and they are here to stay.

The human race is facing an oblivion due to the laziness of mankind which has stemmed from us perpetually creating tools to cut down the world’s process utilization time for human advancement. This progression is exponentially growing to the point where software, technology, and robots could replace everything that humans do; leaving us blowing in the dust and wind.

The reality is that robots cost less than an average salary of a human worker. This caused a major dilemma for Charlie in the film, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” when his father was replaced by a robot who put on toothpaste caps more efficiently.


Automation anxiety is a major developing economic issue that we as humans are slowly becoming aware of. This issue amongst humanity is not only because of robots but also due to the major advancements in artificial intelligence

Historically due to these developments, economies have grown and standards of living have been raised. For example, when horses replaced cars, it provided people to become more mobile, in turn also the ability to find more forms of work. With an ever-growing world population, there have been developments from the plow, tractor and aerial fertilizing machines that have helped supply food for the planet. If we were to have never come up with these technological advancements, the world’s economy, the standard of living and or population would have never have grown, survived, and flourished the way that it has.

But, now everything is changing for the better or worse. Here is a simple prompt to think about: Do you love your local barista and or bartender who makes your drink just ever so the way you like it? The reality is that robots now remember who people are and even know how you like your coffee and cocktails. The pink collar service industry slowly will become automated, run by a one person in the kitchen and front of the house, lead by AI robots who serve you with a push of a button. Now, we even have robots like Baxter, a general purpose robot who can bring the food or drink to you. With that, picture the number of jobs that will slowly be decimated.

The self-driven car could drastically change insurance premiums and that entire industry which heavily relies on misfortunate events. This is because AI robotic self-driven cars are now learning how to drive without error. The world could have no traffic, speeding tickets, accidents, and road rage ever again. Many industries will change drastically with these new advancements in the same way that this one will.

Lawyers, doctors, and programmers are humans that get tired, make mistakes, and cannot work 24/7 and robots can do quite the opposite. Computer programmers have created AI systems that can develop upon itself, perpetually program, and find more solutions to issues like cancer at a higher rate than any human can. Look at IBM’s Watson right now, as it is discovering many groundbreaking ventures that humans have longed for.

IBM Watson_7.png

The worst case scenario that if all jobs are eliminated by AI robots, we can resort to another renaissance era of music and art. But there is no such economy that can be built around the concept “music-poem- and-painting” due to these industries being built upon popularity. Oh and yes, robots are writing music, newspapers, designing images, taking photos and one robot is even editing this article right now.

Thank you, Grammarly!

Another question that is if we should worry about the income of vast labor markets. This is called automation anxiety, causing a major campaign for social unrest, which is an organized rebellion against a changing society.

Technology has historically destroyed jobs but we actually have never really run out of work because automation creates higher human productivity. This is because labor-saving inventions cause companies to do more with less and can expand.

In this exact day and age versus even 20 years ago, it hard to visualize the jobs that come next in this ever so fast-changing technological world. So should we be worried about this predicament that we are facing? No, because if we focus on things that we can’t control then we risk neglecting things that we can.

What we should be worried about is the human advantage in the intangibles of our emotions, in which robots do not have. The fact that we are competitive, drove out the Neanderthals. Since we love and care about one another, the human race has been able to develop because of the emotional content that we brought to the world. This is something that robots do not have… yet.

Now, we must ask ourselves these pertaining questions. Why did we develop feelings, emotions, and ethics? What about our biology and survival depended on these traits? Do robots have a hierarchy of needs that they will strive to fulfill at a cost to others? Isn’t that why we have ethics and morals; to ensure our base instincts that don’t rule us? Will self-aware systems fear death? Is there death in their world? I can build a new robot and download the program to it and it is the same robot, minus the time since the last backup.


If they have motivations, there is a strong chance that it will be based on an entirely different set of criteria. But, if they developed the same emotional content as humans have, we may have the reality of a Hollywood blockbuster on our hands. Not like “Her”, but more so a horror-psychological-thriller film.

As said before, if we focus on things that we can’t control then we risk neglecting things that we can. What we can control is the pace of development and the coexistence between technology and man that can positively ensure our development and survival. Moreover, there are so many other issues that we can focus on and control rather than worry about the irrational fear of robots taking over the world.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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