Why I Write.

In the midsts of recovering from a lost dream of being a filmmaker, what remains is the passion of writing that I have slowly developed since I was 10 years old; the last time I had writer’s block.

It was during the D.A.R.E. program where my fifth-grade class had to write an essay about how we could change the world’s drug problem or something another. My head spun with millions (plural) of ideas that I couldn’t put to a one-page paper. There was too much for me to say, too many possibilities of how I could change the world and this caused me to have my first panic attack as a ten-year-old.

Being so hard on myself, my teacher knew what to do by teaching me the importance of an opening statement that would connect to a thesis and conclusion. Then she made it simple for me by writing the first sentence of that one-page paper with:

” I truly believe that _______ is the _______ that will solve the ______ .”

What I learned here is the importance of not getting in your head, whatever came to mind I just had to put it on the paper because I can always fix it later.

Writer’s block has never been an issue ever since I was 10-years-old which has enabled me to become a very productive scribe. It doesn’t mean that I am any good at it but it is something that I need to do in order to keep going every day.

My words keep me sane, centered and bring’s my equilibrium. I write not to be famous or to make money, but for survival. If I do not put down 1000 words or read 1000 words a day, I cannot sleep because my mind won’t slow down with all of the ideas that I have. I write all over my dry erase painted walls, laptop, notebooks, and in my phone. There is an entire universal world inside of my head that is imperative for me to share with others. Putting my pen to paper challenges my creativity and my thirst for knowledge. Writing is the reason why I am a perpetual lifelong learner of fiction, history, sciences, artistic mediums, and interactions with other people because of the fact that I write to survive.

It cures many things such as my insomnia, hypomania, dysthymia, and delusion towards reality. If I do not do it, I’d be out of touch and disengaged from everyone and everything.

There are just too many things that I need to say. Too many things need to be learned, explored, and discovered for one’s self and there is so little time. That is why I need to write it all. I do not care if I make a dime by writing because that is not the point.

I want to be prolific and a produce a wide variety of works through all literary mediums. It’s not about fame or money or providing opportunities for myself.

I know the vitality and importance of developing my craft.

When I leave this earth hopefully, by going to Mars, I want people to know my professionalism as one of the most productive ever.

Right now in my twenties, I have had to scramble around to find time to write every day. As of now, I am writing to build a team with an editor, photographer, and a marketing team. Maybe if I am lucky, I can find an agent that will believe in me. But, the only one that believes in me is myself and that is all that I care about. I would give anything to devote eight hours a day to my craft rather than what I am doing now with bits and chunks.

This passion of mine is going to slowly help me reach and achieve all of my ambitions. If I didn’t have this outlet, my mind and soul would be lost in a haze of sapphire.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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I will give 10% of the proceeds to ONETREEPLANTED, a charity that plant trees to restore life to degraded lands all over the world. For every dollar donated there will be one tree planted. 

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