Why You Need to Watch “About Alex.”

In this day and age of film distribution, independent films get lost in the midst and lore of big-budget, superhero, sequel, or any high-end studio film. It takes me six to seven months to see any independent film because I have to wait for it to be on-demand or on Netflix. This is because the major movie theaters out there are not playing these movies, and if they are, they will be on screen for such a short time.

This is why I am going to write about what independent films you should watch on Netflix. So, cuddle up with your significant other, dog, or cat. Grab some food and “Netflix and chill,” to an independent film called, “About Alex.”
The logline states:

“After a troubled young man attempts suicide, six of his former college classmates stage a reunion to help him heal, but old issues resurface.”

Before you continue reading, I want to give a shout out to my sponsor Regain.US. I wrote this article about this film because the film touches on the complexities of relationships, mental health, and suicide. A very important step towards achieving better relationships with friends or loved ones is by finding the right therapist/counselor. For more information, please check out this link here: https://www.regain.us/advice/

This film is very dialogue-heavy, it takes place in one location, making it a “horror film with no horror” and contains powerful themes such as friendship, trust, and honesty.

What I loved about this film is how the titular character, Alex, is the first character that has a big problem and suddenly all of his best friends from college come from all over the US to help him out on a moment’s notice. These characters are all in their early thirties and are really into their careers.  Which, I don’t see most friends doing for most people in this day and age. But that is why we watch movies like this so we can understand what a good friend being is to someone from another perspective other than your own.  As the other characters in the film are trying to help Alex, everyone else realizes that they all have significant issues as well that have been seriously bothering them before the film. My favorite part of the film is that we don’t ever get to know what exactly lead Alex to attempt suicide, but we get to see what other internal problems that all of the other characters have and how ironically enough, Alex is the one who helps solves everyone’s issues.  This movie teaches us that if we were to be in a room with a bunch of people and if we all told each other what our most significant problems were that no one would trade their problems for yours.

The plot of this film sounds like the plot of a cheesy 1980’s coming of age teen angst film, but since Alex is the one helping everyone get through their issues despite his own, it gives a refreshing twist to the film.  Another refreshing thing is how one of Alex’s friends, Isaac brings his new girlfriend to the reunion. Her name is Kate, and she is 22 while the rest of the characters are in their early thirties. Kate brings light to the film, and while being an outsider to the group of friends, she makes them all appreciate their friendship that they all had.

Jason Ritter was phenomenal in this film as Alex. I think it was the best performance that I have ever seen from him. Without him, I don’t believe that this film would have worked so well.

Aubrey Plaza plays Sarah, a tax attorney who is very sweet and caring. Most people know her as April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation. I really think if you are a fan of Aubrey Plaza that you will enjoy her playing a character who is nothing that you have ever seen before. I was thoroughly impressed with her performance that stepped way outside of her boundaries.

Max Greenfield, we may know him as Schmidt from New Girl, plays the overdramatic “know it all,” like he always does. But, he brings something new to this type of character that he always plays. I won’t ruin it for you, so that is why you have to watch the movie.

Although having a minimal role, Jane Levy, who plays Kate steals the show. She is going to be an acting talent that everyone should watch out for.

If you want to see a film that will give you a new perspective on friendship, trust, honesty, then I highly recommend that you watch About Alex.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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