Sustainability is the Hottest Fashion Trend, and Depop is Leading the Way for Generation Z’ers.

You would think whatever Kylie Jenner is promoting will be the latest trend in fashion. Well, in reality, sustainability is the highest growing trend in the fashion industry. It has become the most in-style trend for the latest brands and apps that continue to emerge.

Depop, a London-based fashion marketplace platform, is changing the way we are purchasing clothes, aimed towards a younger generation.

In the US, Generation Z will be the largest consumer group by 2020, and Depop is planning to capitalize on this growing demographic.

Millennials and Gen Z’ers want to see a change in the fashion industry, and that change is sustainability. Depop recycles clothes with their resale platform for users to buy and sell used clothes. Social shopping, independent brands, and resale are gaining popularity. With many capital investments accumulating to 62 million, Depop now has the opportunity to grow organically to reach further young generations who crave this transformation in fashion.
Depop is now set up to meet demands with their new investments. The company’s purpose is to empower the next generation through their platform. Informing Gen Z’ers about paving the way to be more conscious about Social Shopping has been the primary factor towards their success, and has been the driving factor behind inspiring a new generation towards a better reputation than their predecessors.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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