Why You Need To Watch “The Brass Teapot.”

How much physical and emotional pain do you think you can possibly endure obtaining ridiculous amounts of money? The Brass Teapot is a great Friday night movie that you need to watch when you come home from the bars. The film humors the history of humanity’s ultimate conflict with greed, love, and power. This light comedy will leave you thinking that the grass is not greener with more money to invest in your lawn.
The logline states:

“An impoverished young couple finds a brass teapot that dispenses cash whenever they feel pain. But how far will they go as the teapot ups the ante?”

Starring Juno Temple and Justin Angarano who play a struggling married couple trying to make ends meet, The Brass Teapot takes you on a ride that tickles the long-lasting fantasy of “what if” money did grow on trees, but with a slight twist.

The main plot point is that the two discover a brass teapot that gives them loads of money whenever they inflict pain on each other physically and emotionally. This is a satirical way of telling the viewer that almost everyone has to make money in an emotional and physically painful way in real life. The more pain that the two can endure, the more money they will receive from the teapot. This sets the final rule for the film.

Justin Angarano does what he can do best in this film, be light-hearted. He brings the voice of reason, being somewhat skeptical of what the teapot can do because he is afraid of what the money will do to him and his wife.

If you go into this film with high expectations, you will notice holes in the movie. But if you go into the film watching it just to have fun, you will find that it is very quirky and humorous. It is a fun ride because it flirts with everyone’s five-year-old fantasy of having access to “unlimited money.” You know what childhood fantasy that I am talking about.

This unique story tells us what it is like to be a good human being. You will want to watch this film towards the end because the film makes you question yourself about what you would do in this situation and how you would change as well. What if it were I in this situation?

This is a fun Friday night film. It will make you appreciate independent movies and make you realize that not all comedies and films need to be made with huge money, stars, and producers.  The Brass Teapot teaches us that greed can be a powerful ally but an even more ferocious enemy.

What do you think?


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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