Why You Need to Watch “The Loft.”

The point of this film is that if you are in a relationship with someone, don’t cheat on your other half because someone is going to die. Bad things happen when you cheat. It’s all fun in games and all until someone gets hurt and overdoses on prescription drugs. The Loft is an erotic mystery film, and it reminds me of Reservoir Dogs in a sense that the film is about how five guys try to figure out who killed this mysterious girl that showed up in their secret loft that they only have access too.  There is a killer in the group, and you will never suspect who it was. Cheating is hugely tempting, but it is never worth the pain and suffering for the others around you. So why do it? This film will make you think twice about even cheating on your other half.
The logline states:

“Five married me. One deluxe loft for secret sexual encounters. And one murder with five prime suspects.”

The film centers around five best friends who are all sleazy just like the story itself. What I really liked about this film is how they all seem to turn on each other throughout the story despite their friendship. This is all due in part to the fact that they aren’t really friends, they all just use each other for their own selfish gain. These guys are all slimeballs. Why would you all make a pact to cheat on your wives with this secret “babe lair” that you have all vowed a brotherhood oath too? We all know that this is going to lead to some weird shit. Most importantly, men are competitive, and suddenly, this simple idea has become a competition.

This film is very thrilling because I thoroughly felt that I was on the edge of my seat, trying to figure out who was the killer. Let me tell you, I am the master of disaster at figuring out the resolution in 95% of films that I watch, and I had no idea who killed this girl in the movie! If you want to watch an excellent mystery flick, then this film is for you.

All in all, if you’re in a relationship with someone, why would you ever be so disrespectful by cheating on your partner? If you have the audacity to cheat on someone, the person who will be the most torn up, defeated and destroyed at the end of all the aftermath is going to be you. This film teaches you that lesson. It also shows us how it will affect our loved ones and all of the other people around you in your life.  This is because your other half is going to be devastated, your “fling” will become jealous of your other half, and your friends will not have your back at the end of the day because what you are doing is completely wrong. Most importantly, if you think about cheating on your partner, someone is going to die because that is just what happens.

Bad things happen to bad people who do terrible things in this world. So, don’t cheat.



“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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