Why You Need to Wach “The Shallows.”

First off, this movie should never be compared to JawsThe Shallows has Blake Lively in it, so that should settle that dispute. Just because there is a shark in each movie does not mean that you should compare them because they are entirely different. The Shallows is a “horror-survival” movie, and Jaws is a “horror-thriller” film. But, let’s get back to Blake Lively because this movie is all about her character, Nancy, who deals with her family and career issues by revisiting a place that meant an exclusive deal to her mother who recently passed away. Nancy gets stranded on a rock 200 yards from shore having to deal with a shark that is waiting to eat her for breakfast. She must use her wit and determination to survive.

​If you are a girl and you are a fan of Blake Lively, then this movie is for you because her character is the heroine that women need. If you are a guy and you are in love with Blake Lively, then this movie offers you a lot of one on one time with her. It may be your only chance to have a date night/girls night out with Blake Lively.


​If that reason wasn’t enough, then I got one word for you: shark. Here’s another reason: She is in a bikini for the majority of the movie. If I need to keep convincing, you then keep reading.

​This is a very high concept film, meaning that the plot is simple. Can she get off the rock and escape from the shark? I mean, who doesn’t want to see a beautiful blonde get attacked by a shark? It’s thrilling, seductive and it gets us to bite, hooking us from the beginning to the end of the film. The plot is similar to any low-budget horror movie, specifically slasher films. This is the one location, few characters, a monster, and a beautiful girl type of story. It provides the same thrills as a slasher film, but guess what? Human beings are addicted to being scared. We are addicted to that specific type of stimulation that we get when seeing a monster hunt down a beautiful girl. Hollywood has made millions upon millions of dollars selling that cheap thrill to audiences for years. Cheap thrills are fantastic, and that is why you need to see this movie in theaters before it becomes a “rainy day” cult film. Seeing this film in theaters is the only way to get the most out of this movie because no other viewing format will give you the same experience than seeing it on the silver screen.

​Blake Lively does something that Spielberg and Jaws can’t do for you, she makes sharks seductive. If Speilberg made sharks scary and horrifying, then Blake Lively made them sexy.

Nancy is a character that has to overcome significant adversity before and after encountering the shark. It was astounding to see Blake Lively’s performance because she made the audience feel her angst more and more from scene to scene. Her performance was incredible because it is tough to carry a film all by yourself. Seeing her performance in The Shallows made me realize that if she is paired with the right director and has the right character and script that she can be a real Oscar contender.


​The world needs more movies like The Shallows, one with a strong female heroine that overcomes significant dramatic adversity.  Nancy (Lively) hits us with a “tidal wave” of emotions in her survival situation. It is always amazing to see the thematic elements of survival in films because when one is put on a rock and has to face a hungry shark, we get to know the vulnerability of the character to their fullest potential. This helps peel layer after protective layer away, helping the audience become one with the who Nancy is. That is why survival is such an appealing subject in cinema.


Get your friends together and meet up at the theater to see this film because I assure you, it will be an awesome time out. The Shallows is your opportunity to spend a lot of one on one time with Blake Lively. Guys, this may be the only time you may get to go on a date with her. Girls, she is the girlfriend that you have always wanted because she will give you an adventure packed, thrilling experience that you will never get in your lifetime unless you go and see this film.  This is your chance to have your night out with Blake Lively, and the only way to fulfill that notion is to go see it in theaters because seeing movies in theaters is more fun with Blake Lively.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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