The Four “Fourth of July” Films to Watch.

The five most American things that make The United States of America the country that it is being ranked in this order:

The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, Jazz Music, Baseball, and Movies. 

So, why don’t we celebrate our nation’s birthday by watching four awesome movies? There is nothing more American than cinema. If you are looking for something to do tomorrow here is a fun-packed day of excellent movies. So, turn on your TV and have these four films playing in the background while you and your friends or kids are hanging out at the cabin.

Follow this itinerary for a good time.

10 AM:


When everyone wakes up tomorrow, and you are trying to get the day going, make a lovely Bloody Mary and pop on Top Gun. What screams America more than Kenny Loggins and Tom Cruise, right?

12 PM:


​Time to barbecue! Pop open a cold can of Coors Light, and while you are grilling those bratwursts and burgers, the next movie you should put on is Wet Hot American Summer. This film will really get your juices flowing for some good summer fun. There is nothing better than a cult comedy classic and a few brats for lunch.

Next, go lay in a hammock for an hour and rehydrate.


4 PM:


While everyone is out on the boat or at the bar or doing something else, the best movie to stay indoors and watch when it is super hot out is definitely Major League. Everyone should watch a baseball movie during the Fourth, so why not make it Charlie Sheen’s most significant contribution to cinema? Major League is a great way to beat the heat and to relax and unwind during your day-long odyssey celebrating the nation that you love. Trust me, I am speaking from experience.

7 PM: Your Feature Presentation.


​The first three movies are for you and your group of friends to half-heartedly watch throughout the day. Something to just have on the TV. They are to cure the ups and downs of the weekend. But, Gladiator is a different story, and here is why.  Whenever Gladiator is on TV or is playing, you just have to drop whatever you are doing to watch this cinematic masterpiece. How is Gladiator American? Simple. The Americans gained independence from Great Britain. Who directed Gladiator? A Britt named Ridley Scott. What is the premise of Gladiator? A Spanish slave fighting for independence and freedom. What did the American’s do during the Revolutionary war? Fight for those two exact things. The story also takes place in Rome, which was also the blueprint for our American government that our founding fathers based this country off of. Not to mention that we are a football-crazed country and back in these times, gladiator battles were the equivalent to today’s NFL games on Sunday each being weekly events. That is why Gladiator is the quintessential film for Americans to watch on Independence Day. Imagine, watching Gladiator with all of your friends as the fireworks spark in the air. How awesome would that be? Gladiator is the feature presentation of the night and the best way to cap off your Fourth of July weekend.

Happy Birthday, America!


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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